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fonts for programming

See It also has an installer script. The font Hack works very well for me.

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[manjaro] install new fonts

January 2, 2017 Leave a comment

Under Manjaro I wanted to install new fonts. I needed a font pack; I didn’t want to bother with individual fonts.

At I found some packages:

  • ttf-ms-fonts
  • ttf-google-fonts-git
  • ttf-bitstream-vera
  • ttf-vista-fonts
  • ttf-hack

The Google font kit contains hundreds of fonts.

If you type a text in Gimp and you want to see the text with different fonts, i.e. you want to browse the fonts, here is how to do it.

Move the mouse above the font selector button (between “Font:” and “Sans” on the screenshot) and use the mouse wheel. That’s the trick.

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[manjaro] install a new TTF font

August 31, 2015 2 comments

I found a nice TTF font at (reddit discussion here). How to install it?

Download the .ttf version and copy them to the /usr/share/fonts/TTF folder. Then update the font cache:

root$ fc-cache && mkfontscale && mkfontdir

I wanted to try it in Yakuake but first I had to restart Yakuake. Then this font appeared in the font list.

Other nice fonts for coding IMO: Consolas.

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installing new fonts

You have a new font that you want to install system-wide. For instance, you copy some *.ttf fonts from a Windows machine (from C:\Windows\Fonts\) and you want to use them.

Install font-manager:

sudo apt-get install font-manager

With this software you can also browse your fonts. To install a new font, click on the Manage fonts icon in the bottom left corner next to the Save icon.

Tip from here.

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