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sending e-mails from your app.

If you want to send e-mails from your application, check out You can register for free and with your free account you can also send a good number of e-mails. And if you pay for it, you can send thousands of mails if you want. Their service can be used from Bash, Python, PHP, etc.

On my VPS I used a command-line solution (see here) that sends e-mails with sendmail. Unfortunately, Gmail treats these mails as spam, so it’s not appropriate for sending messages to other people. Mailgun is a better solution.

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Gmail Notifier alternatives

November 3, 2010 2 comments

I’ve noticed some while ago that the “development has ceased on this extension“. But as it was still working, I didn’t change. I’ve been using this extension for years. However, since yesterday it seems to be dead :( So, it’s time to move on and start using another Firefox add-on for checking my Gmail account.

Some alternatives:

Gmail Manager puts a small icon to the bottom right corner, not very visible. WebMail Notifier is very similar to the original Gmail Notifier as it puts a large icon to the right of the address bar. Currently I’m using this latter.

Troubleshooting (20110924)

I had a problem with WMN recently. It simply didn’t check my Gmail account, it said “Gmail: not checked”. I installed the latest version (2.7.10) from the Mozilla add-on site but actually there is a newer version that fixes this bug. Version 2.8 can be installed from here.

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Extract e-mail attachments

September 27, 2010 1 comment


You have a file that contains not only the e-mail text but the attachments too in encoded form. How to extract those attachments easily?


One way is to use mpack:

$ sudo apt-get install mpack
$ munpack email.eml

Or, you can also use uudeview:

$ sudo apt-get install uudeview
$ uudeview email.eml
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