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Remove global menu bar from Firefox (22.0+)

January 17, 2014 Leave a comment

You managed to disable the stupid global menu in your Ubuntu but Firefox still has this shit. How to get rid of it?

Type in about:config and change the value of the line ui.use_unity_menubar to false.

Tip from here.

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Online Security

June 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Read this: The Best Browser Extensions that Protect Your Privacy @lifehacker.

I installed the following extensions:

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GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0′ failed

Firefox 21.0 on Ubuntu 13.04 drops this error message in the command line: “GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0' failed“. Whenever I want to open a URL from a script, I get this, which is quite annoying. Actually, this is a known bug.

I use Python a lot and when I call “webbrowser.open_new_tab(url)“, I also get this error message.

Until it gets resolved, I call firefox directly and redirect the stderr to /dev/null:

firefox -url 2>/dev/null

In Python:

def open_url(url):
    os.system('firefox -url "{url}" 2>/dev/null'.format(url=url))

BH IMDB/Word Highlight

A long time ago I also made a Greasemonkey script called BH IMDB/Word Highlight. This script is written for some specific sites in Hungary. However, you can take ideas from this how to highlight a text on a web site.

Install a Greasemonkey script from a local file

You have downloaded a Greasemonkey script but… how to install it?

Here I suppose you have the Greasemonkey add-on installed (Hey, what is GM?). Well, I didn’t find anywhere the option “install from local file“. A GM script is called *.user.js and if you open the URL (http://...) of such a script, GM will recognize it and offer to install it (for this GM must be enabled). However! If you open your script locally (file://...), nothing happens. WTF?

Calm down. You know Python, right? The Swiss army knife of programmers. Just navigate to the directory where the GM script is located and start a web server:

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Now open the URL http://localhost:8000 , click on the user script and GM will offer to install it. Python, what would I do without you?

User scripts are installed in this directory: “~/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxxxx.default/gm_scripts“. Here you will find a config.xml file too that is created by GM.

I installed this way this script: Greasemonkey: focus first input field. This script puts the focus on the first input field. I use it with Amazon and IMDB and works like a charm.

Become a Reddit power user

You want to become a Reddit power user.

Install the Reddit Enhancement Suite Firefox add-on. The result will be a Reddit on steroids :)


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MozRepl is broken in Firefox 20 but there is a patch

April 19, 2013 Leave a comment

I use the MozRepl Firefox add-on a lot but it stopped working with Firefox 20. But there is an updated version available. More info with the patch here.

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Install Adobe Flash for Firefox properly

April 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Let’s see how to install Adobe Flash under Ubuntu for Firefox properly.

Visit the official site ( and download the .tar.gz file. Create a temporary directory (e.g. /tmp/flash) and save the file there. This archive is a tarbomb, that’s why we put it in a dedicated folder.

Unzip the archive. There is a “usr” subfolder whose owner and group must be set before copying it to “/usr“. Switch to root (with “su“) and perform the following actions:

  1. chown -R root:root usr (where “usr” is the subfolder from the archive, not the system folder)
  2. copy this “usr” folder to “/usr“, i.e. copy it to the system folder

(Of course, you can also do these steps with “sudo” too.)

Finally, copy the file “” to the directory “$HOME/.mozilla/plugins/“. It’s very likely that this folder doesn’t exist yet so create it first.

Restart Firefox and enjoy the ultimate Flash experience :)

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March 21, 2013 Leave a comment

There is a webpage with lots of useful information and you want to highlight/annotate some parts of it for future references.

In my current case, I want to watch the videos of PyCon US 2013 but I don’t have much time so it will take some weeks till I finish them. In the meantime, I don’t want to forget which ones I had already seen. It would be nice if I could add some custom notes to the webpage that lists the videos. In addition, I want to see/edit my annotations at home and at my workplace too, i.e. it should be web-based.

Solution is a browser extension that does exactly this.

Have you ever used a marker pen for highlighting your paper documents? will do the same for webpages! After you install a browser extension or bookmarklet and run Marker simply by clicking on the icon, you can highlight text on a website with your mouse.

Annotating helps to point out important information in long articles. Our annotator creates a special link for the highlighted version of the page (like You can share it through Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, IM etc. Or just bookmark it with your favorite bookmarking tool, i.e. Delicious.

You can view highlighted page with any browser! No bookmarklet or browser extension is necessary for viewing.” (source)

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Tools menu in Windows Firefox

January 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Today I wanted to try a Firefox add-on under Windows too. Under Linux, it can be configured via the Tools menu. However, under Windows Firefox there is no Tools menu. What da…?

Tools is hidden because… Well, just like that. Press Alt or F10 to make the whole menubar visible.

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