Last update: 2015-09-05 @ 23h30.

  1. b'[manjaro] ping needs special privileges’  (2015-09-05) bash [x] ; icmp [x], scraping [x], socket [x]
  2. b’replace a string recursively in multiple files’  (2015-09-04) bash [x] ; grep [x], replace [x], sed [x], string [x]
  3. b’check a new HDD for bad blocks’  (2015-09-01) bash [x], linux [x] ; bad sectors [x], badblocks [x], hdd [x]
  4. b'[manjaro] install a new TTF font’  (2015-08-31) manjaro [x] ; coding [x], font [x]
  5. b’10 Reasons to Upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04 (parody of a Windows 10 advertisement)’  (2015-08-24) fun [x], linux [x], windows 10 [x] ; advertisement [x]
  6. b’Midnight Commander: remember directories on the left and right sides when you quit’  (2015-08-21) linux [x] ; mc [x], midnight commander [x], panels [x], remember [x]
  7. b'[manjaro] compile MongoDB from source and install it manually’  (2015-08-20) bash [x], linux [x] ; chgrp [x], chown [x], mongodb [x], source [x], systemd [x]
  8. b”mongo shell: WARNING: /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled is ‘always'”  (2015-08-11) mongodb [x] ; transparent_hugepage [x], warning [x]
  9. b'[manjaro] run a command at startup as root’  (2015-08-11) manjaro [x] ; rc.local [x], systemd [x], upstart [x]
  10. b'[manjaro] ignore package update’  (2015-08-09) manjaro [x] ; ignore update [x], pacman [x], yaourt [x]
  11. b’turn off annoying YouTube annotations’  (2015-08-09) tips [x] ; annotations [x], tips and tricks [x], youtube [x]
  12. b’I switched to Manjaro Linux on my main machine’  (2015-08-06) linux [x] ; arch [x], manjaro [x], ubuntu [x], windows 7 [x]
  13. b’Xfce shortcuts’  (2015-08-03) manjaro [x] ; screenshot [x], shortcut [x], xfce [x]
  14. b’Windows 10 has arrived’  (2015-08-01) linux [x], windows 10 [x] ; fun [x]
  15. b'[manjaro] Steam crashes upon start’  (2015-07-31) Uncategorized [x] ; crash [x], fix [x], steam [x]
  16. b’mount an NTFS partition automatically upon boot’  (2015-07-30) linux [x] ; mount [x], ntfs [x], uuid [x]
  17. b’get the UUID of a partition’  (2015-07-30) bash [x] ; blkid [x], fstab [x], partition [x], uuid [x]
  18. b'[manjaro] install the theme xfwm4-theme-w8-mono’  (2015-07-30) manjaro [x] ; theme [x], w8 [x], windows 8 [x], xfce [x]
  19. b’taking a screenshot about a webpage’  (2015-07-11) bash [x] ; convert [x], PhantomJS [x], scaling down [x], screen capture [x], thumbnail [x]
  20. b’Atom 1.0 has arrived’  (2015-06-27) Uncategorized [x] ; atom [x], editor [x], github [x], modern [x], sublime text [x]
  21. b’youtube lectures on computer science’  (2015-06-27) Uncategorized [x] ; computer science [x], lecture [x], video [x]
  22. b’free data science books’  (2015-06-27) book [x] ; data science [x]
  23. b’Rotten Tomatoes has an API’  (2015-06-12) api [x] ; imdb [x], imdbpy [x], movie [x], rotten tomatoes [x]
  24. b’convert .wmv to .mp4′  (2015-06-07) bash [x] ; convert [x], ffmpeg [x], mp4 [x], video [x], wmv [x]
  25. b'[manjaro] A file belongs to which package?’  (2015-05-31) manjaro [x] ; package [x], pacman [x], query [x]
  26. b’Speed up Firefox page load by 44%’  (2015-05-31) firefox [x] ; protection [x], speed [x], tips and tricks [x], tracking [x]
  27. b’execute a command during boot as root’  (2015-05-30) ubuntu [x] ; boot [x], root [x]
  28. b’open a terminal in a specified folder’  (2015-05-29) bash [x], linux [x] ; cli [x], konsole [x], terminal [x]
  29. b’resize an image to a given width by keeping the aspect ratio’  (2015-05-23) bash [x] ; convert [x], imagemagick [x], resize [x]
  30. b’Google Maps knows where you are’  (2015-05-22) Uncategorized [x] ; big brother [x], espionage [x], google maps [x], they see you [x]
  31. b’list your Firefox add-ons’  (2015-05-19) firefox [x] ; add-on [x]
  32. b’how to sort 3 values’  (2015-05-18) algorithms [x] ; bubble sort [x], interview [x], sort [x], three numbers [x]
  33. b’GitHub status page’  (2015-05-08) Uncategorized [x] ; github [x]
  34. b’extract an animated gif from a video’  (2015-05-07) python [x] ; animated gif [x], gif [x], moviepy [x], video [x]
  35. b’bypass redirects in Firefox’  (2015-05-04) firefox [x] ; add-on [x], redirect [x]
  36. b’Play with old MS-DOS classic games in your browser’  (2015-04-30) Uncategorized [x] ; dosbox [x], emulator [x], games [x], ms-dos [x]
  37. b’40 Key Computer Science Concepts Explained In A Simple Language’  (2015-04-24) Uncategorized [x] ; CS concepts [x], simple [x]
  38. b’awesome public datasets’  (2015-04-15) Uncategorized [x] ; data mining [x], datasets [x]
  39. b’Linux Voice: an awesome Linux magazine’  (2015-04-10) linux [x] ; linux voice [x], magazine [x]
  40. b’List of awesome university courses for learning Computer Science!’  (2015-04-09) Uncategorized [x] ; course [x], online [x], tutorial [x], university [x]
  41. b’Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2015′  (2015-04-08) Uncategorized [x] ; stack overflow [x], survey [x], trends [x]
  42. b’ Share and discover the best programming tutorials and courses online’  (2015-04-07) Uncategorized [x] ; programming [x], tutorial [x]
  43. b’duplicate the current tab in Firefox’  (2015-03-12) firefox [x] ; duplicate tab [x]
  44. b’disable “quiet splash” during boot’  (2015-03-12) linux [x] ; boot [x], grub [x], splash [x], tips [x]
  45. b’Big Data’  (2015-03-11) fun [x] ; big data [x]
  46. b’An awesome book for Scala’  (2015-03-10) programming [x], programming language [x], scala [x] ; book [x]
  47. b'[manjaro] /tmp is too small, cannot install new software’  (2015-03-10) manjaro [x] ; resize [x], tmpfs [x]
  48. b’edit crontab with emacs’  (2015-03-08) bash [x] ; crontab [x], emacs [x], vim [x]
  49. b’set the desktop wallpaper under Xfce4′  (2015-03-08) manjaro [x] ; wallpaper [x], xfce [x], xfce4 [x]
  50. b’Spotify for Linux’  (2015-03-02) entertainment [x] ; music [x], pandora [x], spotify [x]
  51. b’Which process opened a file?’  (2015-03-01) bash [x] ; lsof [x], open file [x], PID [x], process [x]
  52. b’Commodore 64 books’  (2015-02-26) book [x], commodore [x]
  53. b’What comes after torrent?’  (2015-02-23) entertainment [x] ; movies [x], popcorn time [x], porntime [x], torrent [x], xxx [x]
  54. b’CBR viewer for Linux’  (2015-02-13) linux [x] ; cbr viewer [x], comics [x], comix [x], mcomix [x]
  55. b’Using several Firefox instances with different profiles’  (2015-02-12) firefox [x] ; multiple instances [x], new profile [x], profile manager [x]
  56. b’10 million passwords’  (2015-02-10) Uncategorized [x] ; hack [x], password [x], username [x]
  57. b'[webdev] sortable table’  (2015-01-29) javascript [x], web [x] ; sortable [x], table [x]
  58. b'[webdev] add a stylish Javascript image gallery’  (2015-01-24) javascript [x], web [x] ; gallery [x], image viewer [x]
  59. b’Windows: is my system 32-bit or 64-bit?’  (2015-01-11) windows [x] ; 32-bit [x], 64-bit [x]
  60. b’set up a proxy server for yourself’  (2015-01-05) network [x] ; DigitalOcean [x], proxy server [x], VPS [x]
  61. b”don’t use free proxy servers”  (2015-01-04) network [x], security [x] ; danger [x], free proxy [x], proxy [x]
  62. b’dropbox: remove conflicted copies’  (2015-01-03) bash [x] ; conflicted copy [x], dropbox [x]
  63. b’copy large files between computers at home over the network’  (2015-01-02) network [x], python [x] ; LAN [x], large file [x], wget [x]
  64. b’2014 in review’  (2014-12-30) Uncategorized [x] ; 2014 [x], review [x]
  65. b’media info’  (2014-12-28) bash [x], python [x] ; audio [x], media [x], multimedia [x], video [x]
  66. b’Getting started with the Rust programming language’  (2014-12-24) manjaro [x], programming language [x], ubuntu [x] ; rust [x]
  67. b’visit freenode IRC channels in your browser’  (2014-12-23) Uncategorized [x] ; firefox [x], freenode [x], irc [x]
  68. b’extracting conky settings from Parted Magic’  (2014-12-19) ubuntu [x] ; conky [x], conky manager [x], live cd [x], parted magic [x]
  69. b’convert .txt to .pdf’  (2014-12-15) bash [x] ; convert [x], pandoc [x], txt2pdf [x]
  70. b’shuffle the lines of a file’  (2014-12-15) bash [x] ; randomize [x], shuffle [x]
  71. b’print content of a file from line X to line Y’  (2014-12-10) bash [x] ; lines interval [x], sed [x]
  72. b’StackOverflow: 2,000 points’  (2014-12-06) Uncategorized [x] ; stack overflow [x]
  73. b'[manjaro] install Oracle Java JDK’  (2014-12-03) manjaro [x] ; default java [x], java [x], java 8 [x], jdk [x]
  74. b’Remarkable: a nice markdown editor with live preview’  (2014-12-03) Uncategorized [x] ; editor [x], markdown [x]
  75. b’Manjaro 0.8.11 is out’  (2014-12-01) manjaro [x]
  76. b'[manjaro] show date / time on the taskbar’  (2014-12-01) manjaro [x] ; custom date [x], custom time [x], datetime [x], xfce [x]
  77. b'[manjaro] install packages from AUR’  (2014-11-23) manjaro [x] ; AUR [x], pacman [x], yaourt [x]
  78. b’shopt: change additional shell optional behavior’  (2014-11-22) bash [x], manjaro [x], ubuntu [x] ; bashrc [x], shopt [x]
  79. b’the command “source” doesn\’t exactly work the way you thought’  (2014-11-22) bash [x] ; bashrc [x], path [x], shopt [x], source [x], sourcepath [x]
  80. b’command-line currency converter’  (2014-11-19) Uncategorized [x] ; calculator [x], currency converter [x], exchange rates [x], qalc [x]
  81. b’colorize man pages’  (2014-11-19) bash [x] ; color [x], man [x], most [x], PAGER [x], pretty [x]
  82. b’autocompile LaTeX project when a file changes’  (2014-11-19) python [x] ; autocompile [x], latex [x], pdf [x], pyinotify [x], watchdog [x]
  83. b’Learn a language in a few minutes’  (2014-11-16) programming language [x] ; summary [x], tutorial [x]
  84. b’modify the EXIF metadata of an image’  (2014-11-16) Uncategorized [x] ; exif [x], exiftools [x], ghex [x], image [x], jhead [x], metadata [x]
  85. b’Midnight Commander: go to parent directory with Backspace’  (2014-11-16) Uncategorized [x] ; midnight commander [x], parent directory [x]
  86. b’download tube videos’  (2014-11-14) Uncategorized [x] ; download [x], tube [x]
  87. b’If your Android is misbehaving’  (2014-11-10) Uncategorized [x] ; android [x], [x], huawei [x], low memory [x]
  88. b'[manjaro] sound is gone’  (2014-11-08) manjaro [x] ; audio [x], sound [x]
  89. b’Google Nexus device in the filesystem’  (2014-11-07) bash [x] ; mtp device [x], mtp protocol [x], nexus [x], tablet [x]
  90. b’webapp analyzer’  (2014-11-04) firefox [x], javascript [x] ; add-on [x], analyze [x]
  91. b’free OCR solutions’  (2014-11-04) Uncategorized [x] ; free OCR [x], image to text [x], ocr [x], tesseract [x]
  92. b’a terminal-based YouTube player’  (2014-11-02) python [x] ; cli [x], multimedia [x], music [x], youtube [x]
  93. b’Which media player to use?’  (2014-11-02) Uncategorized [x] ; media player [x], mplayer [x], mplayer2 [x], mpv [x], vlc [x]
  94. b'[manjaro] install Dropbox’  (2014-11-02) manjaro [x] ; dropbox [x]
  95. b’detect easily if your machine is frozen’  (2014-10-06) ubuntu [x] ; frozen [x], time [x]
  96. b'[manjaro] Manjaro: a fast, user-friendly, desktop-oriented operating system based on Arch Linux’  (2014-10-04) manjaro [x] ; manjaro [x]
  97. b’Firefox is started automatically but it looks corrupted’  (2014-09-28) firefox [x], ubuntu [x]
  98. b’Git push requires username and password’  (2014-09-15) Uncategorized [x] ; git push [x], github [x]
  99. b’Launch gedit in the background’  (2014-09-11) bash [x], ubuntu [x] ; gedit [x], tips [x]
  100. b”block a person’s calls and SMS messages on Android”  (2014-09-06) android [x] ; blocker [x]
  101. b’Windows 8.1 with Linux’  (2014-09-04) ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; bootable USB [x], hibernate [x], ISO [x], mount NTFS [x], power off [x], reboot [x], rufus [x], windows 8.1 [x]
  102. b’Wandbox: a social compilation service’  (2014-07-30) Uncategorized [x] ; compile [x], interpret [x], sandbox [x], source [x]
  103. b’Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bash’  (2014-07-30) bash [x], python [x] ; python in bash [x]
  104. b’Black Hat youtube videos’  (2014-07-13) Uncategorized [x] ; black hat [x], hack [x]
  105. b’Gmail users have an extra email address’  (2014-07-12) google [x] ; gmail [x], googlemail [x]
  106. b’my current Ubuntu wallpaper’  (2014-07-11) fun [x], ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; wallpaper [x]
  107. b’machine shuts down, then restarts in a few seconds’  (2014-07-11) ubuntu [x] ; grub [x], restart [x], shutdown [x]
  108. b’open links in okular with Firefox’  (2014-07-10) ubuntu [x] ; firefox [x], links [x], okular [x], pdf [x]
  109. b’installing new fonts’  (2014-07-09) ubuntu [x] ; font [x], font manager [x], install font [x]
  110. b’Remove Windows 8.1, then install Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 in UEFI mode’  (2014-07-07) ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; dual boot [x], ubuntu 14.04 [x], uefi [x], windows 8 [x], windows 8.1 [x]
  111. b’Connecting PC and monitor via HDMI: “no signal”‘  (2014-07-07) Uncategorized [x] ; hdmi [x], no signal [x], vga [x]
  112. b’Online learning: extend your CV’  (2014-06-24) Uncategorized [x] ; cv [x], free [x], online course [x]
  113. b’Stypi, a realtime editor’  (2014-06-24) Uncategorized [x] ; coding [x], collaboration [x]
  114. b’how to create a pull request on GitHub’  (2014-06-20) Uncategorized [x] ; github [x], pull request [x]
  115. b”playing with Facebook’s graph search”  (2014-06-19) Uncategorized [x] ; facebook [x], graph [x], graph search [x]
  116. b’extract metadata from files’  (2014-06-18) bash [x] ; exiftool [x], extract [x], metadata [x]
  117. b’mirror a website with wget’  (2014-06-15) bash [x] ; crawler [x], download [x], mirror [x], spider [x], wget [x]
  118. b’GNOME Disk Utility’  (2014-06-01) ubuntu [x] ; disks [x], gnome-disks [x], gparted [x], image [x], mount [x], unmount [x]
  119. b’using gtk-recordmydesktop’  (2014-05-28) bash [x] ; audacity [x], audio [x], gtk-recordmydesktop [x], mp4 [x], ogv [x]
  120. b’ogv2mp4′  (2014-05-28) bash [x] ; ogv2mp4 [x]
  121. b’how to create and print a booklet’  (2014-05-17) ubuntu [x] ; acroread [x], booklet [x], pdf [x], pdfbooklet [x]
  122. b’Install Adobe Reader on Ubuntu 13.10+’  (2014-05-16) ubuntu [x] ; acroread [x], adobe [x], pdf [x]
  123. b’measure execution time in bash’  (2014-05-13) bash [x] ; prompt [x], time [x]
  124. b’Automate with IFTTT’  (2014-05-12) Uncategorized [x] ; automate [x], email [x], ifttt [x], showrss [x], torrent [x], tv show [x]
  125. b’send an email at a specific date and time’  (2014-05-11) Uncategorized [x] ; email [x], episode [x], future [x], tv show [x]
  126. b’What the hell is Machine Learning?’  (2014-05-06) Uncategorized [x] ; machine learning [x], ML [x]
  127. b’Replace the audio track in a video’  (2014-05-03) Uncategorized [x] ; audacity [x], audio [x], avidemux [x], ffmpeg [x], replace audio [x], video [x]
  128. b’Firefox 29: where is the Tools menu?’  (2014-05-02) firefox [x] ; hidden menu [x], user interface [x]
  129. b’Firefox: restore your lost tabs’  (2014-04-30) firefox [x], python [x] ; json [x], lost [x], restore [x], session [x], tab [x]
  130. b’IDE for C under Windows’  (2014-04-13) c programming language [x], linux [x], windows [x] ; C [x], IDE [x]
  131. b’38,157 quality wallpapers’  (2014-04-06) Uncategorized [x] ; desktop [x], gist [x], imgur [x], torrent [x], wallpaper [x]
  132. b’building Aegisub on Ubuntu’  (2014-03-23) ubuntu [x] ; aegisub [x], build [x], install [x], source [x], subtitle [x], wxWindows [x]
  133. b’menage de printemps (spring cleaning)’  (2014-03-22) bash [x], python [x] ; cleaning [x], cleanup [x], dropbox [x], ménage [x], printemps [x], spring [x], top10 [x], top10dirs [x], top10files [x]
  134. b’Find the largest subdirectories’  (2014-03-21) bash [x] ; du [x], largest directories [x], ncdu [x], ncurses [x], top10 [x]
  135. b’Share large files’  (2014-02-27) Uncategorized [x] ; 2 GB [x], file sharing [x], large file [x]
  136. b’Sorry, Ubuntu has experienced an internal error’  (2014-02-24) ubuntu [x] ; annoying [x], apport [x], crash report [x]
  137. b’LaTeX: strike through a text’  (2014-02-17) latex [x] ; strike through [x]
  138. b’Linux host, Windows guest, shared Dropbox folder’  (2014-02-16) ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; dropbox [x], linux host [x], shared folder [x], sync [x], synchronization [x], virtualbox [x], windows guest [x]
  139. b’extract .tar.gz’  (2014-02-15) bash [x] ; .tar.xz [x]
  140. b’Ubuntu, nvidia, projector, screen cloning, 1024×768 resolution’  (2014-02-14) ubuntu [x] ; 1024×768 [x], clone screen [x], nvidia [x], nvidia-settings [x], projector [x], resolution [x], sucks [x]
  141. b’Programming in a nutshell’  (2014-02-14) fun [x], programming [x] ; gif [x]
  142. b’my first Go bug report’  (2014-02-13) golang [x] ; bug [x], present [x]
  143. b’if something blows your mind’  (2014-02-11) fun [x] ; mind blowing [x]
  144. b’calling gsettings from crontab’  (2014-02-06) Uncategorized [x] ; background image [x], bing [x], cron [x], crontab [x], gsettings [x], wallpaper [x]
  145. b’koremutake’  (2014-02-04) golang [x], python [x] ; number to text [x]
  146. b”The square root function using Newton’s method”  (2014-02-03) golang [x], math [x] ; approximation [x], Newton [x], sqrt [x]
  147. b’The “Clockwise/Spiral Rule” of C’  (2014-02-03) c programming language [x], fun [x]
  148. b’free programming books’  (2014-01-20) Uncategorized [x] ; ebook [x], free [x], programming books [x]
  149. b’Remove global menu bar from Firefox (22.0+) ‘  (2014-01-17) firefox [x], ubuntu [x] ; global menu [x], unity [x]
  150. b’Installing Vagrant on Windows’  (2014-01-15) ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; bash [x], cygwin [x], putty [x], ssh [x], vagrant [x], virtualbox [x], virtualization [x]
  151. b’bittorrent client from the command line’  (2014-01-14) bash [x] ; command line [x], torrent [x]
  152. b’docker series’  (2014-01-14) docker [x]
  153. b’docker-redis’  (2014-01-14) docker [x], python [x] ; container [x], redis [x]
  154. b’What is my user agent?’  (2014-01-13) ubuntu [x] ; netcat [x], user agent [x]
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  156. b’2013 in review’  (2013-12-31) review [x] ; 2013 [x], review [x]
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  161. b’Vim tricks by Damian Conway’  (2013-12-13) vim [x] ; tips and tricks [x]
  162. b’ can shorten any URL’  (2013-12-13) Uncategorized [x] ; email validation [x], [x], regexp [x], url shortener [x]
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  164. b’Game: Frozen Synapse’  (2013-12-01) games [x] ; frozen synapse [x], introversion [x]
  165. b’30 Technologies in 30 Days’  (2013-11-25) Uncategorized [x]
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  169. b’The Humble Store’  (2013-11-12) games [x] ; humble store [x]
  170. b’The difference between 4 GB RAM and 8 GB RAM’  (2013-11-08) ubuntu [x] ; 8 GB RAM [x], memory [x], RAM [x]
  171. b’take a screenshot and upload to imgur’  (2013-11-05) python [x], ubuntu [x] ; imgur [x], screenshot [x]
  172. b’print the content of a file with line numbers’  (2013-11-04) bash [x] ; cat [x], line numbers [x]
  173. b’HTML / CSS / JavaScript video tutorials’  (2013-11-02) Uncategorized [x] ; css [x], html [x], javascript [x], php [x], tutorial [x], video [x]
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  183. b’setfacl / getfacl’  (2013-10-08) bash [x], security [x], ubuntu [x] ; ACL [x], getfacl [x], setfacl [x]
  184. b’MD5 decrypter’  (2013-10-02) security [x], Uncategorized [x] ; crack [x], decrypt [x], hack [x], md5 [x]
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  187. b’ssh’  (2013-09-26) ubuntu [x] ; server [x]
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  190. b’mkdir && cd’  (2013-09-24) bash [x] ; alias [x], mkdir && cd [x]
  191. b’ [hu]’  (2013-09-24) fun [x] ; cartoon [x], Mezga family [x], TV [x]
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  194. b’a cool colorized prompt for bash’  (2013-09-21) bash [x] ; bash prompt [x], colored bash prompt [x]
  195. b’ASCII art generator for texts’  (2013-09-20) Uncategorized [x] ; ascii art [x]
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  199. b’animated GIFs’  (2013-09-03) bash [x] ; animated gif [x], convert [x], imagemagick [x]
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  204. b’PrimCom: manage and access your personal knowledge base easily’  (2013-08-04) python [x] ; knowledge base [x], PrimCom [x]
  205. b’Log in to comment’  (2013-08-02) wordpress [x] ; pending [x], spam [x]
  206. b’Javva the Hutt’  (2013-07-31) fun [x] ; star wars [x]
  207. b’SpiderOak: a great Ubuntu One alternative’  (2013-07-31) python [x], ubuntu [x] ; dropbox [x], SpiderOak [x], symbolic links [x], Ubuntu One [x]
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  211. b’Resources for an interview’  (2013-07-06) Uncategorized [x] ; interview [x]
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  213. b’Online Security’  (2013-06-29) firefox [x], security [x] ; add-on [x], online privacy [x]
  214. b’beep when ready’  (2013-06-29) bash [x] ; alert [x], beep [x], notification [x], notify [x]
  215. b”mplayer doesn’t quit”  (2013-06-28) bash [x] ; mplayer [x], workaround [x]
  216. b”Google’s URL shortener”  (2013-06-25) python [x] ; curl [x], Google URL shortener [x], json [x], requests [x], url shortener [x]
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  223. b”GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0′ failed”  (2013-06-06) firefox [x], python [x] ; firefox error message [x], open URL [x]
  224. b’Syntax-highlighted “less” in command line’  (2013-06-05) bash [x], python [x] ; colored less [x], less [x], pygmentize [x]
  225. b’Syntax-highlighted “cat” in command line’  (2013-05-29) bash [x], python [x] ; cat [x], less [x], pygmentize [x], pygments [x], syntax highlighting [x]
  226. b’How to pronounce the name of Bjarne Stroustrup?’  (2013-05-28) fun [x] ; Bjarne Stroustrup [x], C [x], Stroustrup [x]
  227. b’Analyze a User-Agent string’  (2013-05-22) web [x] ; user agent [x], web service [x]
  228. b’BH IMDB/Word Highlight’  (2013-05-20) firefox [x] ; bh [x], greasemonkey [x], imdb [x], imdb highlight [x], ncore [x], word highlight [x]
  229. b’Install a Greasemonkey script from a local file’  (2013-05-20) firefox [x], python [x] ; add-on [x], amazon [x], autofocus [x], greasemonkey [x], imdb [x]
  230. b”Disable Unity’s F9″  (2013-05-19) ubuntu [x] ; F9 [x], grey out [x], mc [x], midnight commander [x], unity [x], widget layer [x]
  231. b’Automate tasks with AutoKey’  (2013-05-19) python [x] ; autokey [x], automation [x], automatization [x], autopy [x]
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  236. b’Become a Reddit power user’  (2013-05-08) firefox [x] ; add-on [x], reddit [x], steroids [x]
  237. b’Force XMind to use Java 7′  (2013-04-30) java [x] ; xmind [x]
  238. b”After waking up from suspend, the keyboard doesn’t work properly”  (2013-04-29) ubuntu [x] ; keyboard [x], keyboard error [x], suspend [x], wake up [x]
  239. b’Downgrade your Nvidia driver’  (2013-04-28) ubuntu [x] ; 295.33 [x], change resolution [x], downgrade [x], downgrade nvidia [x], nvidia [x], resolution [x]
  240. b”What’s new in Linux kernel 3.8?”  (2013-04-26) Uncategorized [x] ; 3.8 [x], kernel [x], linux [x]
  241. b’Ubuntu 13.04′  (2013-04-26) ubuntu [x] ; 13.04 [x], blank screen [x], boot problem [x], halt [x], low resolution [x], nvidia [x], nvidia problem [x], problem [x], upgrade [x], xorg.conf [x]
  242. b’Ubuntu distro info’  (2013-04-24) bash [x], ubuntu [x] ; distros [x], lsb_release [x]
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  244. b’KeePassX + TrueCrypt + Dropbox: a secure and portable password management solution’  (2013-04-14) python [x], ubuntu [x] ; dropbox [x], keepassx [x], password manager [x], security [x], truecrypt [x]
  245. b’Best movie/game techno soundtracks’  (2013-04-14) games [x], movie [x] ; music [x], soundtrack [x], techno [x]
  246. b’Install Adobe Flash for Firefox properly’  (2013-04-14) firefox [x], ubuntu [x] ; flash [x], install [x]
  247. b’Star Wars: a 7 hour-long fan documentary’  (2013-04-13) Uncategorized [x] ; fan documentary [x], star wars [x]
  248. b’SHODAN: Computer Search Engine’  (2013-04-13) web [x] ; hacking [x], shodan [x]
  249. b’Get a disposable email address from the command line’  (2013-04-13) python [x] ; disposable email [x], temp email [x], temporary email [x], trashmail [x], [x]
  250. b’Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures’  (2013-04-11) algorithms [x]
  251. b’ SecurityTube: lots of videos on security’  (2013-04-07) Uncategorized [x] ; hacking [x], security [x]
  252. b’Uplink: the game’  (2013-04-06) games [x] ; hacking [x], introversion [x], movies [x], uplink [x]
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  258. b’number’  (2013-03-27) bash [x] ; number [x]
  259. b’Targus laser presentation remote works on Linux’  (2013-03-21) ubuntu [x] ; laser [x], presentation remote [x], presenter [x], targus [x]
  260. b’ annotate a webpage and share it’  (2013-03-21) firefox [x], web [x] ; annotation [x], highlight [x], marker [x], notes [x], visualization [x]
  261. b’Symbolic links are not treated properly on Dropbox’  (2013-03-12) Uncategorized [x] ; dropbox [x], mess [x], problem [x], symbolic links [x], symlinks [x]
  262. b’Set difference between two files’  (2013-03-08) bash [x] ; comm [x], diff [x], intersection [x], minus [x], set [x], set operations [x], union [x]
  263. b’Compile your own FFmpeg’  (2013-03-05) ubuntu [x] ; compile source [x], ffmpeg [x], jabbatron [x]
  264. b’Find API keys on GitHub’  (2013-03-04) Uncategorized [x] ; API keys [x], github [x], google api [x], hack [x], tip [x]
  265. b’Graphics courses’  (2013-03-03) Uncategorized [x] ; graphics [x], online course [x]
  266. b’Learn to program’  (2013-03-01) programming [x] ; tutorial [x], video tutorial [x]
  267. b’Dark corners of C’  (2013-02-27) c programming language [x] ; integers [x], quiz [x]
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  269. b’Nikola: a static site and blog generator’  (2013-02-21) python [x], web [x] ; nikola [x], static blog generator [x], static html generator [x]
  270. b’similsite: find similar sites’  (2013-02-17) web [x] ; similar [x]
  271. b’Android got damn slow’  (2013-02-06) android [x] ; gmail [x], slow [x]
  272. b’Is your Android phone rooted?’  (2013-02-06) android [x] ; ConnectBot [x], root [x], rooted [x], rooting [x]
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  274. b’.xsession-errors can grow HUGE’  (2013-01-31) bash [x] ; .xsession-errors [x], tips and tricks [x]
  275. b’Lock and unlock the screen from command line’  (2013-01-30) bash [x], ubuntu [x] ; gnome [x], lock screen [x], screensaver [x], unlock screen [x]
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  277. b’Rip streamed audio’  (2013-01-30) commodore [x], Uncategorized [x] ; c64 [x], slay radio [x], streamripper [x]
  278. b’Make room! Make room!’  (2013-01-29) ubuntu [x] ; ccsm [x], gnome [x], unity [x], workspaces [x]
  279. b’VLC gets stuck’  (2013-01-29) bash [x] ; kill [x], vlc [x]
  280. b’Online Convert(er)’  (2013-01-27) Uncategorized [x] ; calibre [x], convert [x], ebook [x], mobi [x], pdf [x]
  281. b’Torcache’  (2013-01-27) Uncategorized [x] ; torrent [x]
  282. b’Automate a Windows application from Linux using Python’  (2013-01-22) python [x], ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; automate GUI [x], automation [x], autopy [x], movie collector [x]
  283. b’Cobol Tutorial’  (2013-01-14) fun [x], programming language [x] ; Cobol [x], tutorial [x]
  284. b’Job Hunt’  (2013-01-11) Uncategorized [x] ; job [x]
  285. b’Add page numbers to a PDF file (with Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro)’  (2013-01-10) Uncategorized [x] ; acrobat 8 pro [x], add page numbers [x], adobe [x], insert page numbers [x], pdf [x]
  286. b’Find window by its name and activate it (bring to foreground)’  (2013-01-10) bash [x], ubuntu [x] ; activate window [x], active window [x], focus on window [x], window ID [x], xdotool [x], xdpyinfo [x], xwininfo [x]
  287. b’W3Schools is not recommended’  (2013-01-09) web [x] ; w3fools [x], w3schools [x], web design [x]
  288. b’Git for Windows’  (2013-01-09) windows [x] ; git [x], git for windows [x]
  289. b’Tools menu in Windows Firefox’  (2013-01-09) firefox [x], windows [x] ; hidden menu [x], tools [x], tools menu [x]
  290. b’Merge PDF files and start each on the right side (on an add page)’  (2013-01-08) latex [x] ; merge PDF files [x], merge PDFs [x], odd page [x]
  291. b’Stack Overlow-like sites’  (2013-01-06) Uncategorized [x] ; so [x], stack overflow [x], tip [x]
  292. b’Send fax for free’  (2013-01-03) Uncategorized [x] ; fax [x], free fax [x], send fax [x], tip [x]
  293. b’Heroku book’  (2013-01-03) Uncategorized [x] ; blog [x], heroku [x], heroku book [x], randall [x]
  294. b’The Twelve-Factor App’  (2013-01-03) Uncategorized [x] ; 12factor [x], heroku [x], software-as-a-service [x], web app [x]
  295. b’Extracting Colors’  (2013-01-03) python [x] ; 99designs [x], colorific [x], colors [x], extract colors [x]
  296. b’Word List Page’  (2013-01-02) Uncategorized [x] ; word list [x], words [x]
  297. b’Some notes on activating/deactivating the screensaver’  (2013-01-01) ubuntu [x] ; activate screensaver [x], deactivate screensaver [x], gnome-screensaver [x], poke screensaver [x], screensaver [x], wake up screensaver [x]
  298. b’Screen goes blank in 10 minutes: deactivate it’  (2013-01-01) ubuntu [x] ; deactivate screensaver [x], idle [x], screen goes black [x], screen goes blank [x], screensaver [x], X [x], X11 [x]
  299. b’Screenshot from command line’  (2013-01-01) bash [x] ; screenshot [x], scrot [x]
  300. b’2012 in review’  (2012-12-31) Uncategorized [x] ; 2012 [x], review [x], statistics [x]
  301. b’Free online polls’  (2012-12-27) Uncategorized [x] ; doodle [x], poll [x]
  302. b’Scraping AJAX web pages’  (2012-12-27) Uncategorized [x] ; ajax [x], scraping [x]
  303. b’Scraping AJAX web pages (Part 4)’  (2012-12-27) python [x] ; ajax [x], generated html source [x], headless browser [x], post-ajax [x], pycoder’s weekly [x], pyqt [x], pyside [x], scraper [x], scraping [x], webkit [x], webscraping [x]
  304. b’GitHub: create a new repository and start using it’  (2012-12-27) Uncategorized [x] ; github [x], github repo [x], github repository [x], new repo [x], new repository [x]
  305. b’Free list of Elite proxy servers’  (2012-12-27) Uncategorized [x] ; elite [x], elite proxy [x], free proxy [x], proxy [x]
  306. b’Wikipedia APIs for bots’  (2012-12-18) Uncategorized [x] ; api [x], bot [x], wikipedia [x]
  307. b’Image Gallery from a list of URLs’  (2012-12-18) html [x], python [x] ; css [x], gallery [x], generator [x], image gallery [x]
  308. b’Put a text on the clipboard from your webpage’  (2012-12-18) html [x] ; clipboard [x], clippy [x], flash [x]
  309. b’What does REPL mean?’  (2012-12-12) Uncategorized [x] ; repl [x]
  310. b’Program Firefox from outside’  (2012-12-11) firefox [x] ; MozRepl [x], telnet [x]
  311. b'[Python] Open a URL in Firefox in the *current* tab’  (2012-12-11) firefox [x], python [x] ; automating telnet [x], close current tab [x], module [x], MozRepl [x], open URL [x], open URL in current tab [x], pexpect [x], telnet [x], telnet automation [x], telnetlib [x], webbrowser [x]
  312. b’Currency exchange rates in CSV format’  (2012-12-08) Uncategorized [x] ; Bank of Canada [x], csv [x], currency [x], exchange rate [x]
  313. b’Hide the cursor in terminal’  (2012-12-07) bash [x] ; hide cursor [x], terminal [x]
  314. b’Gimp Magazine’  (2012-12-07) gimp [x] ; magazine [x], pdf [x]
  315. b’Open a blank tab in Firefox’  (2012-12-04) firefox [x] ; blank tab [x], new tab [x], tip [x]
  316. b’Types of proxy servers’  (2012-12-03) Uncategorized [x] ; anonymous proxy [x], elite proxy [x], proxies [x], proxy [x], transparent proxy [x]
  317. b’Get rid of the “new tab” button’  (2012-12-01) firefox [x] ; hide new tab [x], new tab button [x], tips and tricks [x]
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  319. b’Free Online Clocks for Your Website or Blog’  (2012-11-28) Uncategorized [x] ; clock [x], flash [x]
  320. b’Binary representation of an int in C’  (2012-11-27) c programming language [x] ; binary representation [x], int [x], two’s complement [x]
  321. b’Play Youtube videos with VLC’  (2012-11-27) Uncategorized [x] ; trick [x], vlc [x], youtube [x]
  322. b’Update your Nvidia driver to 310.19′  (2012-11-20) ubuntu [x] ; 310.19 [x], nvidia [x], ppa [x], valve [x]
  323. b’Youtube audio player’  (2012-11-20) firefox [x], google [x], html [x] ; audio player [x], flash [x], trick [x], youtube [x]
  324. b’Locate big emails in Gmail’  (2012-11-16) google [x] ; big emails [x], gmail [x], size [x]
  325. b’RIP — a Firefox add-on to remove some parts of an HTML page’  (2012-11-14) firefox [x] ; remove html [x], rip [x]
  326. b’My blog was suspended for 7 hours’  (2012-11-11) wordpress [x] ; happy end [x], suspended [x]
  327. b’Listen to Pandora Radio — the painless way’  (2012-11-10) firefox [x] ; hulu [x], netflix [x], pandora [x], proxy [x]
  328. b’Remote control a script from home via dropbox’  (2012-11-09) python [x] ; dropbox [x], remote control [x]
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  330. b’ASCII-art demo’  (2012-11-03) bash [x] ; art [x], ascii [x], demo [x]
  331. b’Cracking the Coding Interview’  (2012-10-30) Uncategorized [x] ; book [x], google [x], interview [x]
  332. b’Hurricane Sandy Online’  (2012-10-29) Uncategorized [x] ; hurricane [x], online [x], sandy [x], weather [x]
  333. b’Programming Praxis’  (2012-10-21) programming [x] ; blog [x]
  334. b’jq — a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor’  (2012-10-21) bash [x] ; jq [x], json [x], pretty-print [x], query [x]
  335. b’Ubuntu 12.10′  (2012-10-20) ubuntu [x] ; auto hide [x], launcher [x], overlay scrollbars [x], ubuntu 12.10 [x]
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  337. b’University of Reddit’  (2012-10-03) Uncategorized [x] ; reddit [x], university [x]
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  340. b’200,000 visitors’  (2012-09-27) Uncategorized [x] ; 200000 [x], milestone [x]
  341. b’Remove some parts of a PDF file’  (2012-09-26) Uncategorized [x] ; pdf [x], pdfedit [x]
  342. b’The unprintable PDF file’  (2012-09-24) bash [x] ; pdf [x], pdftops [x], ps [x], pstopdf [x]
  343. b’Getting an Artec e+ Pro Scanner work’  (2012-09-15) ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; e+ 48U [x], e+ pro [x], scanner [x], twain driver [x], xsane [x]
  344. b’C-64-ify yourself’  (2012-09-13) commodore [x] ; c-64 [x], pixel [x]
  345. b’Remove arrows from desktop icons (Windows 7)’  (2012-09-11) windows [x] ; desktop icons [x], icon arrows [x], tweak [x], windows 7 [x]
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  349. b’Auto Login to Windows 7′  (2012-08-08) windows [x] ; autologin [x], windows 7 [x]
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  351. b’’  (2012-08-07) web [x] ; online interpreter [x]
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  354. b’’  (2012-08-02) Uncategorized [x] ; gmail [x], outlook [x]
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  360. b’Programming, Motherfucker!’  (2012-06-15) fun [x] ; programming [x]
  361. b’Software Development Videos and Tutorials: Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, Agile, Software Testing’  (2012-06-14) Uncategorized [x] ; tutorial [x], video [x]
  362. b’List of freely available programming books’  (2012-06-14) Uncategorized [x] ; book [x], ebook [x], programming [x]
  363. b’Stupid pop-up at the bottom of wordpress pages’  (2012-06-14) firefox [x], wordpress [x] ; popup [x], trick [x]
  364. b’Bing promotes Linux’  (2012-06-14) fun [x] ; bing [x], linux [x], penguin [x], tux [x]
  365. b’Siphon – Add-on Synchronizer for Firefox’  (2012-06-07) firefox [x] ; add-on [x], siphon [x], sync [x]
  366. b’Quake Live’  (2012-06-06) games [x] ; quake [x], quake live [x]
  367. b’Side-by-side comparisons of programming languages’  (2012-05-18) programming language [x], python [x]
  368. b’Facebook tips’  (2012-05-16) Uncategorized [x] ; facebook [x], facebook profile [x], facebook user id [x]
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  370. b’MagPi: A Magazine For Raspberry Pi Users’  (2012-05-13) Uncategorized [x] ; magpi [x], raspberry pi [x]
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  372. b’MC: get the same folder in the other panel’  (2012-05-10) Uncategorized [x] ; mc [x], same directory [x], same folder [x], tips and tricks [x]
  373. b’Send desktop notification from your script’  (2012-05-10) ubuntu [x] ; notify-send [x], xmessage [x]
  374. b’Google search on Apache-generated directory lists’  (2012-05-10) google [x] ; apache [x], Google Search [x], treasure [x], trick [x]
  375. b”mc doesn’t open zip files”  (2012-05-09) ubuntu [x] ; archives [x], mc [x], open zip [x], zip [x]
  376. b’Use Python like PHP (in public_html with wsgi)’  (2012-05-06) python [x], ubuntu [x] ; apache2 [x], lamp [x], mod_wsgi [x], wsgi [x]
  377. b’PostgreSQL Magazine’  (2012-05-06) Uncategorized [x] ; magazine [x], PostgreSQL [x], PostgreSQL Magazine [x]
  378. b’Play a song with youtube’  (2012-05-05) Uncategorized [x] ; Google Search [x], I’m Feeling Lucky [x], open song on youtube [x], youtube [x]
  379. b’Learn to Hack’  (2012-05-04) Uncategorized [x] ; hack [x], linux format [x], lxf [x]
  380. b’Gimp 2.8 has arrived’  (2012-05-04) ubuntu [x] ; gimp [x], gimp 2.8 [x]
  381. b’Generate random numbers deterministically and non-deterministically’  (2012-05-03) algorithms [x], c programming language [x], python [x] ; deterministic [x], non-deterministic [x], random integers [x], random numbers [x]
  382. b’IP to Country’  (2012-05-01) python [x] ; geo [x], ip2country [x]
  383. b’Listening to Pandora Radio’  (2012-04-30) firefox [x], python [x] ; FoxyProxy [x], pandora radio [x], xml [x]
  384. b’The Batman Equation’  (2012-04-30) math [x] ; batman [x], batman forever [x]
  385. b’Ubuntu tweaking softwares’  (2012-04-28) ubuntu [x] ; tweaks [x]
  386. b”Dropbox: don’t sync certain directories; empty the cache”  (2012-04-28) ubuntu [x] ; don’t sync some folders [x], dropbox [x], empty the cache [x]
  387. b’Ubuntu 12.04 stops booting (b43 wifi problem)’  (2012-04-28) ubuntu [x] ; b43 [x], boot stops [x], dell latitude [x], firmware [x], wifi [x]
  388. b’Ubuntu 12.04 — Precise Pangolin’  (2012-04-27) ubuntu [x] ; 12.04 [x], global menu [x], precise pangolin [x], update [x]
  389. b’Calculating the average incrementally’  (2012-04-25) math [x], python [x] ; average [x], incremental average [x]
  390. b’Firefox error message’  (2012-04-24) firefox [x], fun [x]
  391. b’USB drive not mounted in Virtualbox guest’  (2012-04-24) ubuntu [x] ; file transfer [x], linux host [x], virtualbox [x], windows guest [x]
  392. b’Create an ISO image from a directory’  (2012-04-24) Uncategorized [x] ; acetoniso [x], genisoimage [x], iso image [x]
  393. b’Set a local file or an image by URL as your wallpaper’  (2012-04-22) python [x], ubuntu [x] ; gnome [x], wallpaper [x]
  394. b’Reindent Java code with Eclipse’  (2012-04-22) Uncategorized [x] ; eclipse [x], indent [x], java [x], reindent [x]
  395. b’Open a terminal from nautilus’  (2012-04-20) ubuntu [x] ; nautilus [x], open in terminal [x]
  396. b’Codecademy – learn HTML, CSS, Javascript’  (2012-04-19) html [x], javascript [x] ; codecademy [x], css [x]
  397. b’Format text in vim in 5 seconds’  (2012-04-18) vim [x] ; fmt [x], format text [x], long line [x], trick [x]
  398. b’Description of the file system hierarchy’  (2012-04-15) bash [x] ; filesystem hierarchy [x], man [x]
  399. b’brute force’  (2012-04-13) fun [x] ; brute force [x], ken thompson [x], motto [x], programming [x]
  400. b’Why are red-black trees red and black?’  (2012-04-11) Uncategorized [x] ; data structures [x], mystery [x], red-black tree [x]
  401. b’Problems with Flash? Try Flash-Aid!’  (2012-04-10) firefox [x] ; flash [x]
  402. b’Torrent FAQ’  (2012-04-10) Uncategorized [x] ; 4chan [x], faq [x], torrent [x]
  403. b’Ubuntu countdown banner’  (2012-04-10) ubuntu [x] ; countdown banner [x]
  404. b’Jack Tramiel, the founder of Commodore is gone’  (2012-04-10) commodore [x] ; c64 [x], jack tramiel [x]
  405. b’Thank you Adobe’  (2012-04-08) fun [x], windows [x] ; adobe [x], flash [x]
  406. b’Virtualbox shared folder: Ubuntu host, Windows 7 guest’  (2012-04-06) ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; shared folder [x], virtualbox [x]
  407. b’Modern Perl’  (2012-04-06) Uncategorized [x] ; modern perl [x], perl [x]
  408. b”Google Search is missing from Firefox’s search box”  (2012-04-05) firefox [x] ; firefox search box [x], Google Search [x]
  409. b’Set Bing images as your wallpaper’  (2012-04-05) python [x] ; bing [x], bing image of the day [x], bing wallpaper [x]
  410. b’Set a wallpaper from command line in Gnome 3 (Unity, Gnome Shell)’  (2012-04-05) python [x], ubuntu [x] ; background [x], gconftool-2 [x], gnome [x], gnome2 [x], gnome3 [x], gsettings [x], wallpaper [x]
  411. b’Figure out your Linux distro’  (2012-04-05) ubuntu [x] ; distribution information [x], distro info [x], linux distro [x], lsb-release [x], ubuntu version [x]
  412. b’Firefox: open quick search result in a new tab’  (2012-04-05) firefox [x] ; open search result in new tab [x], tip [x]
  413. b’Flash videos are blue’  (2012-04-01) ubuntu [x] ; blue [x], flash [x]
  414. b”Let’s go back to the 80s”  (2012-04-01) Uncategorized [x] ; 80s [x], reddit [x], time machine [x], timeline [x]
  415. b’A command-line, interactive mini dictionary’  (2012-03-29) python [x] ; define [x], mini dictionary [x], pronunciation [x], wordnik [x]
  416. b’Dont use sudo with graphical applications’  (2012-03-29) bash [x], ubuntu [x] ; gksudo [x], graphical applications [x], sudo [x]
  417. b’Download files with wget from sites that verify your user-agent’  (2012-03-28) Uncategorized [x] ; .wgetrc [x], 403 Forbidden [x], tips and tricks [x], user agent [x], wget [x]
  418. b’Audio pronunciation of words from Google’  (2012-03-27) google [x] ; English words [x], pronunciation [x]
  419. b’RUIN – An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe’  (2012-03-25) Uncategorized [x] ; animation [x], ruin [x], video [x]
  420. b’mc problem: cannot chmod target file, operation not permitted’  (2012-03-25) Uncategorized [x] ; cannot chmod target file [x], mc [x], tip [x]
  421. b’Minitube – a YouTube desktop application’  (2012-03-22) ubuntu [x] ; minitube [x], multimedia [x], youtube [x]
  422. b’Launch Software Sources from the command-line’  (2012-03-22) ubuntu [x] ; software center [x]
  423. b’Create a shared folder in Virtualbox’  (2012-03-22) ubuntu [x] ; automount [x], shared folder [x], virtualbox [x], writeable shared folder [x]
  424. b’BBC Science & Environment’  (2012-03-21) Uncategorized [x] ; bbc [x], science [x]
  425. b’Tents and Trees’  (2012-03-20) games [x] ; puzzle [x], tents and trees [x]
  426. b’Play an interlaced video without those funny lines’  (2012-03-20) Uncategorized [x] ; deinterlaced [x], deinterlacing [x], interlaced [x], mplayer [x], vlc [x]
  427. b’Open Firefox with lots of tabs in an instant’  (2012-03-14) firefox [x] ; tips and tricks [x]
  428. b’Firefox 11 for Ubuntu’  (2012-03-14) firefox [x] ; firefox beta channel [x], ppa [x]
  429. b’Proxy Explorer’  (2012-03-10) python [x] ; free proxy [x], pandora radio [x], proxy [x]
  430. b’clang: a C language family frontend for LLVM’  (2012-03-05) c programming language [x] ; c compiler [x], clang [x], compiler [x], GCC [x], LLVM [x]
  431. b’minted highlighted source code for LaTeX’  (2012-03-04) latex [x], python [x] ; pygments [x], source code in LaTeX [x], verbatim [x]
  432. b’Object-oriented programming in C’  (2012-03-02) c programming language [x] ; object oriented programming [x], OOP [x]
  433. b’Prompt is blue in IPython’  (2012-02-29) python [x] ; blue prompt [x], green prompt [x], ipython [x]
  434. b’jabbatron: an interactive installer script for Ubuntu’  (2012-02-29) python [x], ubuntu [x] ; installer [x], installer script [x]
  435. b’Listen to Pandora Radio from anywhere’  (2012-02-26) Uncategorized [x] ; pandora radio [x]
  436. b’Learn C The Hard Way’  (2012-02-25) c programming language [x]
  437. b’FoxyProxy, proxy switcher for Firefox’  (2012-02-23) firefox [x] ; FoxyProxy [x], pandora radio [x], proxy [x]
  438. b’Oh my Gosh! 100,000 visitors!’  (2012-02-23) Uncategorized [x] ; 100000 [x], milestone [x]
  439. b’Slogan generator’  (2012-02-23) python [x] ; motto [x], slogan [x], slogan API [x]
  440. b’VLC 2.0 is out’  (2012-02-22) ubuntu [x] ; ppa [x], vlc [x]
  441. b’ is down’  (2012-02-21) Uncategorized [x] ; ebook [x], [x]
  442. b”Mom’s Gmail account is at 98%”  (2012-02-19) google [x] ; gmail [x], imap [x], mom [x], new account [x], thunderbird [x]
  443. b’Programming Language Naming Patterns’  (2012-02-18) programming language [x] ; naming patterns [x]
  444. b’Squeezing Space in LaTeX’  (2012-02-18) latex [x] ; space between lines [x], space reduction [x]
  445. b’Decode .torrent files’  (2012-02-17) python [x] ; bencode [x], decoder [x], torrent [x]
  446. b’Tribler: torrent of the future (?)’  (2012-02-16) Uncategorized [x] ; torrent [x], tribler [x]
  447. b’Get IMDB ratings without any scraping’  (2012-02-12) Uncategorized [x] ; imdb [x], imdb api [x], imdb rating [x], movie rating [x], scraping [x]
  448. b”VLC’s sound is crackling”  (2012-02-10) ubuntu [x] ; alsa [x], crackling [x], pulseaudio [x], vlc [x]
  449. b’Hide an HTML element on a website’  (2012-02-10) firefox [x] ; adblock [x], add-on [x], element hiding helper [x], hide element [x]
  450. b’Test if a webpage exists’  (2012-01-24) bash [x], python [x] ; check URL [x], curl [x]
  451. b’Tesseract OCR’  (2012-01-23) python [x], ubuntu [x] ; ocr [x], pytesser [x], tesseract [x]
  452. b’Full Circle Magazine for Kindle’  (2012-01-21) Uncategorized [x] ; amazon [x], calibre [x], epub [x], fcm [x], full circle magazine [x], kindle [x], mobi [x]
  453. b’Difference between SIGTERM and SIGKILL’  (2012-01-10) bash [x], python [x] ; administration [x], SIGKILL [x], SIGTERM [x]
  454. b’Storing sensitive data in your Dropbox folder’  (2012-01-07) security [x] ; dropbox [x], truecrypt [x]
  455. b’Playing Star Trek background noise with a Linux command’  (2012-01-06) bash [x], fun [x] ; engage [x], star trek [x]
  456. b’2012′  (2012-01-06) fun [x] ; 2012 [x], mayan [x]
  457. b’64-bit Ubuntu runs fine’  (2012-01-06) ubuntu [x] ; 64-bit [x]
  458. b’Tweak your Ubuntu’  (2012-01-03) ubuntu [x] ; menu icons [x], tweak [x], unity [x]
  459. b’Java plugin for Firefox under 64-bit Ubuntu 11.10′  (2012-01-03) firefox [x], ubuntu [x] ; 11.10 [x], java 7 [x], java plugin [x]
  460. b’Clementine music player’  (2012-01-03) Uncategorized [x] ; clementine [x], music player [x]
  461. b’2011 in review’  (2012-01-01) Uncategorized [x] ; 2011 [x], review [x]
  462. b’Reset footnote counter in LaTeX’  (2011-12-28) latex [x] ; footnote [x], reset counter [x], reset footnote counter [x]
  463. b’Plotting with’  (2011-12-27) google [x] ; functions [x], plot [x]
  464. b’Windows 7 Loader by DAZ’  (2011-12-24) windows [x] ; windows 7 [x], windows 7 loader [x]
  465. b’Wired network speed is very slow’  (2011-12-15) ubuntu [x] ; driver [x], r8168 [x], r8169 [x], realtek [x], RTL8111/8168B [x], slow network [x]
  466. b’Extract images from PDF’  (2011-12-14) Uncategorized [x] ; extract from pdf [x], pdf [x]
  467. b’YesScript: disable Javascript on a given site’  (2011-12-09) firefox [x], javascript [x] ; disable javascript [x]
  468. b’is_computer_on()’  (2011-12-05) fun [x] ; bebook [x], beos [x], system information [x]
  469. b’No one can stop The Pirate Bay’  (2011-12-01) firefox [x] ; free proxy [x], hack [x], proxy [x], torrent [x]
  470. b’Quake code review’  (2011-11-25) Uncategorized [x] ; code review [x], doom [x], games [x], quake [x]
  471. b’MongoHQ: a hosted database solution for MongoDB’  (2011-11-24) mongodb [x], python [x] ; database [x]
  472. b’Some notes on MongoDB and PyMongo’  (2011-11-24) mongodb [x], python [x] ; nosql [x], pymongo [x], sql [x]
  473. b”Firebug: sitescraper’s best friend”  (2011-11-23) firefox [x] ; firebug [x], scraping [x]
  474. b’Current runlevel’  (2011-11-22) ubuntu [x] ; runlevel [x], startup scripts [x]
  475. b’Nettuts+’  (2011-11-21) web [x] ; nettuts [x]
  476. b’C++ style guide’  (2011-11-19) google [x], Uncategorized [x] ; cpp [x], style guide [x]
  477. b’Commodore OS trailer’  (2011-11-14) commodore [x], ubuntu [x] ; c64 [x], commodore 64 [x], commodore OS [x]
  478. b’63’  (2011-11-11) fun [x] ; date [x]
  479. b’Vim turned 20′  (2011-11-10) vim [x] ; birthday [x]
  480. b’Raphael — JavaScript Library’  (2011-11-09) javascript [x] ; color picker [x], library [x], raphael [x], raphael.js [x], svg [x], vector graphics [x]
  481. b’Scraping AJAX web pages (Part 3)’  (2011-11-08) html [x], javascript [x], python [x], web [x] ; ajax [x], generated html source [x], PhantomJS [x], post-ajax [x], scraper [x], Zombie.js [x]
  482. b’Download login-protected pages with Python using Mechanize and Splinter (Part 3)’  (2011-11-08) python [x] ; authentication [x], cookies [x], credentials [x], html source [x], mechanize [x], splinter [x]
  483. b’The future of video gaming’  (2011-11-07) Uncategorized [x] ; battlefield 3 [x], fps [x], future [x], simulator [x], video games [x]
  484. b’Resize .tif file and convert to .jpg’  (2011-11-07) bash [x] ; convert [x], imagemagick [x], keep aspect ratio [x], pdf [x], resize [x], scan [x]
  485. b’D3: A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG’  (2011-11-07) javascript [x] ; d3 [x], d3.js [x], visualization [x]
  486. b”Linus doesn’t like C++”  (2011-11-03) Uncategorized [x] ; C [x], Linus [x]
  487. b’Hide “about the new look | send feedback” in Gmail’  (2011-11-03) google [x] ; annoyance [x], gmail [x], new look [x]
  488. b’Check the number of arguments in a bash script’  (2011-10-30) bash [x] ; check parameter [x], command line [x]
  489. b’Gmail Strikethrough Button’  (2011-10-26) google [x] ; gmail [x], greasemonkey [x], strikethrough [x]
  490. b’Books on graphs and graph algorithms’  (2011-10-26) algorithms [x], graphs [x]
  491. b’RSOE EDIS’  (2011-10-25) Uncategorized [x] ; disaster [x], edis [x], emergency [x], news [x], rsoe [x]
  492. b’Ubuntu 11.10 — Oneiric Ocelot’  (2011-10-25) ubuntu [x] ; 11.10 [x], autologin [x], compiz [x], global menu [x], oneiric [x], screen saver [x], terminal refresh [x], tip [x]
  493. b’Hibernate your Ubuntu’  (2011-10-25) ubuntu [x] ; hibernate [x], swap [x], swappinness [x]
  494. b’An interactive viewer for .dot files’  (2011-10-24) python [x] ; dot [x], graphviz [x], viewer [x], xdot [x]
  495. b’Ferenc (Franz) Liszt’  (2011-10-24) fun [x] ; ferenc liszt [x], liszt ferenc [x]
  496. b’Seconds in one year’  (2011-10-24) Uncategorized [x] ; approximation [x], pi [x], seconds [x], year [x]
  497. b’From 12.04, LTS support is increased to 5 years’  (2011-10-22) ubuntu [x] ; LTS [x]
  498. b’What is my IP address?’  (2011-10-20) google [x], network [x] ; ip address [x]
  499. b’Network printer: maybe not connected?’  (2011-10-19) Uncategorized [x] ; cups [x], cupsd [x], network printer [x], print [x], printer not connected [x]
  500. b’Dennis Ritchie (1941-2011)’  (2011-10-14) Uncategorized [x] ; C [x], dennis ritchie [x], unix [x]
  501. b’Windows Really Good Edition’  (2011-10-14) fun [x], windows [x] ; flash [x], really good edition [x]
  502. b’Ubuntu 11.10′  (2011-10-14) ubuntu [x] ; 11.10 [x], ocelot [x], oneiric [x]
  503. b’Over 50.000 visitors’  (2011-10-12) Uncategorized [x] ; cake [x], summary [x]
  504. b’ogv2avi conversion’  (2011-10-07) bash [x] ; avi [x], ogv [x], ogv2avi [x], recordmydesktop [x]
  505. b’The Wadsworth Constant’  (2011-10-02) fun [x], python [x] ; GWC [x], meme [x], redundancy [x], SWC [x], wadsworth [x], wadsworth constant [x]
  506. b”Don’t use Java in a nuclear facility”  (2011-09-29) fun [x], java [x] ; license [x], nuclear facility [x]
  507. b’A little help for hyphenating words in LaTeX’  (2011-09-28) latex [x], python [x] ; dictionary [x], [x], hyphenation [x], pronunciation [x]
  508. b’apt-get: “the following packages have been kept back” ‘  (2011-09-27) bash [x], ubuntu [x] ; apt-get [x]
  509. b’Some beautiful conky setups’  (2011-09-26) ubuntu [x] ; conky [x]
  510. b’Windows 7 stops booting in Virtualbox’  (2011-09-24) windows [x] ; boot problem [x], logo [x], splash screen [x], virtualbox [x], windows 7 [x]
  511. b’Firefox 7 beta’  (2011-09-24) firefox [x] ; blocking [x], firefox 7 [x], new tab button [x]
  512. b’Powerpoint is dead (HTML5 presentations with landslide)’  (2011-09-23) html [x], javascript [x], python [x] ; document converter [x], html5 [x], html5 presentation [x], landslide [x], latex beamer [x], markdown [x], pandoc [x], restructuredtext [x], slides [x], textile [x]
  513. b’Zombie.js, PhantomJS’  (2011-09-23) javascript [x] ; headless browser [x], node.js [x], PhantomJS [x], Zombie.js [x]
  514. b’Node.js’  (2011-09-23) javascript [x] ; networking [x], node [x], node.js [x], server-side javascript [x], simple web server [x], v8 [x]
  515. b’QR code (square barcode) maker / decoder’  (2011-09-21) Uncategorized [x] ; barcode [x], google api [x], qr code [x]
  516. b’Doodle — Easy Scheduling’  (2011-09-21) Uncategorized [x] ; calendar [x], doodle [x], plan [x], schedule [x]
  517. b’Scraping AJAX web pages (Part 2)’  (2011-09-20) html [x], javascript [x], python [x], web [x] ; ajax [x], challenge [x], generated html source [x], headless browser [x], pyqt [x], scraper [x], webkit [x]
  518. b’Scraping AJAX web pages (Part 1.5)’  (2011-09-19) firefox [x], html [x], javascript [x] ; generated html source [x]
  519. b”Gmail’s basic HTML view”  (2011-09-18) google [x] ; basic html view [x], basic view [x], gmail [x]
  520. b’Happy Programmer Day!’  (2011-09-13) fun [x] ; programmer day [x]
  521. b’Installing rpy2 on Ubuntu’  (2011-09-13) python [x], R [x], ubuntu [x] ; R from Python [x], R in Python [x], rpy [x], rpy2 [x]
  522. b’Search on RapidShare and Megaupload’  (2011-09-12) Uncategorized [x] ; filecrop [x], filestube [x], megaupload [x], rapidshare [x], search [x], treasure [x]
  523. b’Bolaji Badejo, the Alien’  (2011-09-12) movie [x] ; Alien [x], Bolaji Badejo [x]
  524. b’Download cookie-protected pages with Python using cookielib (Part 2)’  (2011-09-11) python [x], security [x] ; authentication [x], cookie protection [x], cookielib [x], cookies [x], cookies.lwp [x], cookies.sqlite [x], cookies.txt [x], cookijar [x], credentials [x], download protected page [x], wget [x]
  525. b’GUI application to monitor mouse coordinates in real-time’  (2011-09-11) python [x], ubuntu [x] ; autopy [x], gui [x], mouse [x], mouse coordinates [x], mouse monitor [x]
  526. b’Shorten the URL of your wordpress posts’  (2011-09-10) wordpress [x] ; short url [x], tip [x], url [x], url shortener [x]
  527. b’High Level Assembly (HLA)’  (2011-09-10) ubuntu [x] ; asm [x], assembler [x], assembly [x], high level assembly [x], hla [x]
  528. b’Comix, the image viewer’  (2011-09-09) python [x] ; comix [x], image viewer [x], manga [x], pygtk [x]
  529. b’Returning to Jedi – The Complete Documentary’  (2011-09-08) Uncategorized [x] ; documentary [x], jabba [x], return of the jedi [x], star wars [x]
  530. b’LaTeX: using verbatim in footnote’  (2011-09-07) latex [x] ; footnote [x], verb [x], verbatim [x]
  531. b’GitHub: contact watchers’  (2011-09-07) Uncategorized [x] ; api [x], followers [x], github [x], json [x], watchers [x]
  532. b’Foursquare’  (2011-09-07) Uncategorized [x] ; dotdot [x], foursquare [x], smartphone [x], social networking [x]
  533. b’Download pages with wget that are protected with cookies (Part 1)’  (2011-09-05) firefox [x], python [x] ; authentication [x], cookies [x], cookies.sqlite [x], cookies.txt [x], credentials [x], download protected page [x], wget [x]
  534. b’How to speed up Firefox’  (2011-09-05) firefox [x], ubuntu [x] ; cache [x], compact [x], firefox [x], slow [x], slowfox [x], speed up firefox [x], sqlite [x], vacuum [x]
  535. b’What to do if the sidebar of Unity is stuck’  (2011-09-05) ubuntu [x] ; hide sidebar [x], sidebar [x], unity [x], workaround [x]
  536. b’Install Windows 7 from a USB stick’  (2011-09-02) windows [x] ; install windows 7 [x], yumi [x]
  537. b’YUMI Multiboot USB Creator at’  (2011-09-02) ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; install windows 7 [x], linux [x], pendrive [x], ubuntu live [x], usb stick [x], yumi [x]
  538. b’Remove pppoe settings’  (2011-08-31) ubuntu [x] ; disable pppoe [x], pppoe [x], pppoeconf [x], remove pppoe [x]
  539. b’Browse all pages of a subreddit’  (2011-08-27) python [x] ; browse pages [x], reddit [x]
  540. b’Norton Commando’  (2011-08-13) Uncategorized [x] ; dos [x], father [x], file manager [x], motorcycle [x], norton [x], norton commander [x], norton commando [x], orthodox [x], the norton project [x]
  541. b’ — open source training’  (2011-08-13) Uncategorized [x] ; marakana [x], open source [x], training [x], tutorial [x], video tutorial [x]
  542. b’Browse your favorite subreddits painlessly’  (2011-08-11) python [x] ; open links [x], reddit [x], subreddit [x]
  543. b’Making gnome-terminal usable’  (2011-08-11) ubuntu [x] ; alternatives [x], gnome [x], gnome-terminal [x], konsole [x], no blinking [x], terminal emulator [x], terminator [x]
  544. b’Pretty print a JSON file’  (2011-08-10) bash [x], firefox [x], python [x], vim [x] ; json [x], json path [x], json.tool [x], json.vim [x], json_reformat [x], prettify [x], prettify_json [x], pretty-print [x], reddit [x], vimrc [x], yajl [x]
  545. b’Download a webpage and print it to the standard output’  (2011-08-10) bash [x] ; curl [x], print to stdout [x], redirect to stdout [x], wget [x]
  546. b’Add syntax highlighting to “less”‘  (2011-08-10) bash [x], vim [x] ; less [x], syntax highlighting [x], vless [x]
  547. b’Connect to sqlite3 databases and make queries’  (2011-08-10) Uncategorized [x] ; client [x], schema [x], select [x], sql [x], sqlite [x], sqlite3 [x]
  548. b’Install Midnight Commander from source’  (2011-08-10) bash [x], ubuntu [x] ; compile [x], mc [x], ppa [x], source [x]
  549. b’Extracting .7z files’  (2011-08-08) ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; 7z [x], archive [x], compression [x]
  550. b’Diablo 1 strategy guides’  (2011-08-08) games [x], windows [x] ; color bug [x], color fix [x], diablo [x], level up [x], patch [x], strategy [x], tips and tricks [x]
  551. b”Disable IMDB’s localization”  (2011-07-21) Uncategorized [x] ; imdb [x], language [x], localization [x]
  552. b”Windows is missing from GRUB’s menu.lst”  (2011-07-21) ubuntu [x] ; grub [x], windows [x]
  553. b’Cannot load 64-bit SWT libraries on 32-bit JVM’  (2011-07-21) ubuntu [x] ; 32-bit [x], 64-bit [x], swt.jar [x], vuze [x]
  554. b’Setup a PPPoE connection’  (2011-07-21) ubuntu [x] ; digi [x], hungary [x], pppoe [x]
  555. b’Upgrade Ubuntu 8.04 LTS to 10.04 LTS’  (2011-07-21) ubuntu [x] ; 10.04 [x], 8.04 [x], LTS [x], update script [x], upgrade [x]
  556. b’Stuck with the resolution 640×480′  (2011-07-19) ubuntu [x] ; 1024×768 [x], 640×480 [x], gdm [x], low resolution [x], old machine [x], X [x]
  557. b’Learn Vim in 30 minutes’  (2011-07-13) vim [x] ; tip [x]
  558. b’Convert PDF to EPS’  (2011-07-13) latex [x] ; compile [x], latex [x], pdf to eps [x], pdf2eps [x], pdflatex [x]
  559. b’Google is fast’  (2011-07-11) google [x] ; fast [x], light speed [x]
  560. b’Truecrypt freezes under Ubuntu’  (2011-07-11) Uncategorized [x] ; truecrypt [x]
  561. b’Compile Truecrypt from source’  (2011-07-11) security [x] ; compile [x], truecrypt [x]
  562. b’Khan Academy’  (2011-07-02) Uncategorized [x] ; khan [x], khan academy [x], tutorial [x]
  563. b’Replace accents for LaTeX’  (2011-07-01) latex [x], perl [x] ; accent [x], french [x], hungarian [x], replace accents [x]
  564. b’A simple command-line media player’  (2011-07-01) bash [x] ; media player [x], mp3 [x], random [x]
  565. b’Manga Fox: Read Manga Online for Free’  (2011-07-01) Uncategorized [x] ; manga [x]
  566. b’securely delete (wipe) a file/partition’  (2011-07-01) bash [x], security [x] ; secure delete [x], shred [x], wipe [x]
  567. b’Play the first 30 seconds of a song with mplayer’  (2011-06-30) Uncategorized [x] ; mplayer [x]
  568. b”Gmail’s new feature: people widget. How to disable it?”  (2011-06-29) google [x] ; disable [x], gmail [x], people widget [x]
  569. b’Enable insults in sudo’  (2011-06-13) bash [x], fun [x], ubuntu [x] ; insult [x], password [x], sudo [x]
  570. b’Remove comments from a LaTeX file’  (2011-06-13) bash [x], latex [x] ; comments [x], remove comments [x]
  571. b’Over 20.000 visitors’  (2011-06-01) Uncategorized [x] ; summary [x]
  572. b’Get the public Dropbox links of several files’  (2011-06-01) bash [x], python [x] ; dropbox [x], public link [x]
  573. b’Reduce the size of a PDF file’  (2011-05-30) bash [x] ; gs [x], pdf [x], pdf size [x], shrink pdf [x], small pdf [x]
  574. b’Some notes on MySQL’  (2011-05-28) mysql [x] ; create database [x], create user [x]
  575. b’Compress with RAR and split into multiple files’  (2011-05-27) bash [x] ; compression [x], dropbox [x], rar [x], split [x]
  576. b’Hadoop’  (2011-05-24) Uncategorized [x] ; hadoop [x], mapreduce [x], tutorial [x]
  577. b’Free HTML5 templates’  (2011-05-23) web [x] ; css [x], html template [x], html5 [x]
  578. b’Something happened to my laptop keyboard. Or not?’  (2011-05-23) ubuntu [x] ; keyboard [x], keyboard error [x]
  579. b’randomize-lines’  (2011-05-16) bash [x] ; random [x], randomize lines [x], rl [x]
  580. b’C-64 programming on PC’  (2011-05-10) commodore [x] ; c64 [x]
  581. b’Setting file permissions in your Dropbox folder recursively’  (2011-05-08) bash [x], python [x] ; dropbox [x], file permissions [x]
  582. b’Screenshot and video information with mplayer’  (2011-05-07) Uncategorized [x] ; mplayer [x], screenshot [x], video info [x], video length [x]
  583. b’Installing the Ruby Version Manager and some gems’  (2011-05-07) ruby [x], ubuntu [x] ; gem [x], markdown [x], pantyshot [x], redcarpet [x], ruby version manager [x], rvm [x], upskirt [x]
  584. b’README.markdown on GitHub’  (2011-05-05) python [x] ; firefox [x], github [x], markdown [x], README [x], README.markdown [x], redcarpet [x], ReST [x], restructuredtext [x], upskirt [x]
  585. b’Ext4 file system is mounted as read-only’  (2011-05-04) ubuntu [x] ; ext4 [x], mount [x], partition [x], read-only [x], usb [x]
  586. b’Remove page numbers from IEEE style document’  (2011-05-03) latex [x] ; ieee [x], page numbers [x]
  587. b’knotify4 is eating up the CPU’  (2011-04-29) ubuntu [x] ; annoying [x], knotify4 [x]
  588. b’Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal’  (2011-04-29) ubuntu [x] ; f10 [x], firefox [x], mc [x], natty [x], overlay scrollbars [x], unity [x]
  589. b’Daleya: search files on file sharing sites’  (2011-04-24) Uncategorized [x] ; daleya [x], file sharing [x], meta search [x], search engine [x], spanish [x]
  590. b’Darth Vader is not a bad person’  (2011-04-23) fun [x] ; darth vader [x], death star [x], gardening [x], inference [x], lawn fertilizer [x], logic [x], socrates [x], star wars [x]
  591. b’Mapping MAC addresses’  (2011-04-22) Uncategorized [x] ; android [x], bssid [x], espionage [x], gps [x], mac address [x], map [x], spying [x]
  592. b’LaTeX formula to image (PNG)’  (2011-04-19) latex [x] ; dvi2png [x], latex to png [x], maths [x]
  593. b’Glider Rider’  (2011-04-18) commodore [x] ; glider rider [x], old school [x], rave [x], remix [x], slay [x]
  594. b’Embed images in HTML pages’  (2011-04-17) html [x], python [x] ; data uri [x], embed image [x], inline image [x], nested image [x], project idea [x]
  595. b’Alarm script’  (2011-04-17) bash [x], python [x] ; alarm [x], wake up [x]
  596. b’UTF-8 demystified’  (2011-04-16) Uncategorized [x] ; unicode [x]
  597. b’Bash keyboard shortcuts’  (2011-04-16) bash [x] ; shortcut [x]
  598. b’Scraping AJAX web pages (Part 1)’  (2011-04-15) firefox [x], html [x], javascript [x], web [x] ; ajax [x], crowbar [x], dom [x], extract [x], generated html source [x], post-ajax [x], scraping [x], webscraping [x], xulrunner [x]
  599. b’Install the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) ‘  (2011-04-14) java [x] ; java cryptography extension [x], jce [x]
  600. b’Over 10.000 visitors’  (2011-04-14) Uncategorized [x] ; summary [x]
  601. b’Selenium, a web application testing system’  (2011-04-12) python [x], web [x] ; selenium [x], test [x], web application [x]
  602. b’HTML5 test’  (2011-04-12) Uncategorized [x] ; html5 [x], presentation [x], slides [x], test [x]
  603. b’Terminator: a cross-platform terminal emulator with advanced features’  (2011-04-09) ubuntu [x] ; konsole [x], terminal [x], terminal emulator [x], terminator [x]
  604. b’Short summary about open source licenses’  (2011-04-09) Uncategorized [x] ; Apache 2.0 license [x], BSD license [x], GPL licence [x], LGPL license [x], MIT license [x], open source licenses [x]
  605. b’Moments when the heart stops beating’  (2011-04-08) fun [x] ; GPU [x], nvidia [x], phd [x], protein analysis [x], rock [x], the rock [x]
  606. b’Produce one single HTML page with latex2html’  (2011-04-08) latex [x] ; latex2html [x], tweak [x]
  607. b’Wallpaper Downloader and Rotator for Gnome’  (2011-04-06) python [x], ubuntu [x] ; 4walled [x], [x], background [x], earthporn [x], gconftool-2 [x], gnome [x], reddit [x], wallbase [x], [x], wallpaper [x], wallpaper changer [x], wallpaper rotator [x]
  608. b’Notes about reddit’  (2011-04-06) Uncategorized [x] ; reddit [x]
  609. b’API news at ProgrammableWeb’  (2011-04-06) web [x] ; api [x], mashup [x], web 2.0 [x]
  610. b’LaTeX footnotes do not appear in tabular’  (2011-04-05) latex [x] ; footnote [x], tabular [x]
  611. b’Rotating Gnome backgrounds’  (2011-04-04) ubuntu [x] ; gnome [x], wallpaper [x], wallpaper changer [x], wallpaper rotator [x], xml [x]
  612. b’Movie catalog manager’  (2011-04-03) ubuntu [x] ; catalog [x], manager [x], movie [x]
  613. b'”Next Image” and “Previous Image” bookmarklets for vimperator’  (2011-04-02) Uncategorized [x] ; bookmarklet [x], next image [x], plugin [x], previous image [x], vimperator [x]
  614. b’Rick Dangerous for Linux’  (2011-04-02) games [x] ; indiana jones [x], rick dangerous [x]
  615. b’April fools’  (2011-04-01) fun [x], wordpress [x] ; april fools [x]
  616. b’Autofocus on the first input field of a page’  (2011-04-01) javascript [x] ; autofocus [x], focus [x], greasemonkey [x], imdb [x], input field [x], script [x]
  617. b’Cheat Sheets’  (2011-03-31) Uncategorized [x] ; cheat sheet [x], reference card [x]
  618. b’Help in bash’  (2011-03-31) bash [x] ; help [x]
  619. b”Update the database of the command ‘locate'”  (2011-03-31) bash [x] ; locate [x], updatedb [x]
  620. b’The tee command’  (2011-03-30) bash [x] ; autoflush [x], buffer [x], pipeline [x], tail [x], tail -f [x], tee [x]
  621. b’Moving projects to GitHub’  (2011-03-29) Uncategorized [x] ; git [x], github [x]
  622. b’Open the Start menu with the Windows button’  (2011-03-27) ubuntu [x] ; keyboard [x], shortcut [x], start menu [x], windows button [x], windows key [x]
  623. b’Recording soundcard output’  (2011-03-26) bash [x], python [x] ; alsa [x], amixer [x], arecord [x], linux [x], record [x], recording [x], soundcard [x], soundcard output [x]
  624. b”Lord Raiden’s case with the guitar”  (2011-03-26) entertainment [x] ; australia [x], guitar [x], lord raiden [x], mortal kombat [x], music [x], raiden [x], trance [x], video [x]
  625. b’Android 16 was programmed in BASIC’  (2011-03-24) fun [x] ; android 16 [x], basic [x], bulma [x], c16 [x], dr. gero [x], dragon ball z [x]
  626. b’Text file encoding’  (2011-03-23) Uncategorized [x] ; character encoding [x], charset [x], encoding [x], file [x], iso-8859-1 [x], iso-8859-2 [x], utf-8 [x], vim [x]
  627. b’Firefox 4 has arrived’  (2011-03-22) firefox [x] ; firefox 4 [x]
  628. b’IRC basics’  (2011-03-22) Uncategorized [x] ; foss [x], freenode [x], [x], irc [x], [x], irssi [x], xchat [x]
  629. b’William Shatner turned 80′  (2011-03-22) Uncategorized [x] ; captain kirk [x], kirk [x], star trek [x], william shatner [x]
  630. b’Jabba the Cat’  (2011-03-21) fun [x] ; cat [x], jabba [x], jabba the cat [x], jabba the hutt [x], lolcat [x]
  631. b’Translate a PDF file’  (2011-03-20) Uncategorized [x] ; google translate [x], pdf [x], pdftotext [x], spanish [x], translate [x], translate pdf [x]
  632. b’Recover images from flash cards’  (2011-03-20) Uncategorized [x] ; fat [x], image [x], photo [x], recover [x], undelete [x], usb [x]
  633. b’The Debian GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide’  (2011-03-20) Uncategorized [x] ; book [x], debian [x], guide [x]
  634. b’Which package contains a given file?’  (2011-03-20) bash [x] ; administration [x], apt-file [x], dpkg [x], packages [x], search packages [x], wajig [x]
  635. b’Cut a column in bash’  (2011-03-20) bash [x] ; awk [x], column [x], cut [x], cut column [x]
  636. b’History of visited directories in bash’  (2011-03-20) bash [x] ; directory [x], history [x]
  637. b’Directory bookmarks in bash’  (2011-03-20) bash [x] ; bashmark [x], bookmark [x], directory [x]
  638. b’Video lectures’  (2011-03-20) Uncategorized [x] ; conference [x], lectures [x], tutorial [x], video [x]
  639. b’Email and website’  (2011-03-19) Uncategorized [x] ; AP Stylebook [x], email [x], style [x], website [x]
  640. b’Copy the URL and the title of the current web page to the clipboard’  (2011-03-18) firefox [x] ; add-on [x], page title [x], tip [x], url address [x], vimperator [x]
  641. b’Show the absolute path of a file’  (2011-03-17) bash [x], python [x] ; absolute path [x], clipboard [x], paste [x], path [x], pwd [x]
  642. b’Print your ALSA version’  (2011-03-16) ubuntu [x] ; alsa [x], sound [x], version [x]
  643. b’Commodore 64 screen with HTML and CSS’  (2011-03-16) commodore [x], html [x] ; c64 [x], c64.ttf [x], css [x], retro [x], screen [x], ttf [x]
  644. b’Essential Firefox add-ons’  (2011-03-14) firefox [x] ; add-on [x], skin [x], theme [x]
  645. b’Save your current Firefox tabs and restore them later’  (2011-03-14) firefox [x], python [x] ; add-on [x], restore [x], save [x], tabs [x]
  646. b’Install ncurses’  (2011-03-11) Uncategorized [x] ; compile [x], curses [x], ncurses [x], terminal [x]
  647. b’Best Vim Tips’  (2011-03-10) vim [x] ; tip [x]
  648. b’Who is hosting a given website?’  (2011-03-09) firefox [x], network [x] ; add-on [x], flagfox [x], hosting [x]
  649. b’Is a given website down or not?’  (2011-03-09) network [x] ; down [x], ping [x], traceroute [x], up [x]
  650. b’What is hacking?’  (2011-03-09) Uncategorized [x] ; hacker news [x], hacking [x], motto [x], quote [x], thn [x]
  651. b’Open URLs in browser tabs simultaneously’  (2011-03-09) bash [x], firefox [x], python [x] ; loop [x], tab [x], thread [x]
  652. b”What’s My User Agent?”  (2011-03-09) firefox [x], python [x], Uncategorized [x] ; my ip [x], tip [x], user agent [x]
  653. b’Watch YouTube video in full screen inside your browser’  (2011-03-09) firefox [x] ; bookmarklet [x], full screen [x], youtube [x]
  654. b’Rock-Paper-Scissors: You vs. the Computer’  (2011-03-08) games [x], python [x] ; artificial intelligence [x], cheat [x], gui [x], paper [x], pygtk [x], randint [x], random [x], rock [x], scissors [x]
  655. b’Cool wallpapers’  (2011-03-07) Uncategorized [x] ; porn [x], reddit [x], wallpaper [x]
  656. b’Edit your PDF files’  (2011-03-06) Uncategorized [x] ; edit [x], pdf [x], pdfmod [x], pdftk [x], remove [x], reorder [x], rotate [x]
  657. b’Convert your wordpress blog to a PDF book’  (2011-03-05) project [x], python [x], wordpress [x] ; blog [x], book [x], metaweblog [x], pdf [x], pdftk [x], wkhtmltopdf [x]
  658. b’Logout from Gnome with a command’  (2011-03-04) ubuntu [x] ; gnome [x], logout [x]
  659. b’Open Konsole from Nautilus’  (2011-03-03) ubuntu [x] ; alias [x], gnome [x], gnome-terminal [x], konsole [x], mc [x], nautilus [x], plugin [x], script [x], terminal [x]
  660. b’Lubuntu, a lightweight Ubuntu’  (2011-03-01) ubuntu [x] ; distro [x], lubuntu [x], screencast [x]
  661. b’Play a video backwards’  (2011-03-01) ubuntu [x] ; digital video [x], dv [x], kino [x], play backwards [x], video editor [x]
  662. b’Backup your Gmail messages’  (2011-02-28) google [x] ; backup [x], gmail [x], imap [x], thunderbird [x], truecrypt [x]
  663. b’Conceptual drawings for Star Wars’  (2011-02-26) movie [x] ; star wars [x]
  664. b’mp3 tag editor’  (2011-02-26) ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; editor [x], mp3 [x], music [x], tag [x]
  665. b’Hide the sidebar on’  (2011-02-25) wordpress [x] ; no sidebar [x], theme [x], tip [x], tweak [x]
  666. b’Copy and paste the output of a program’  (2011-02-24) bash [x] ; clipboard [x], copy [x], paste [x], tip [x], xsel [x]
  667. b’Copy string to X clipboard in shell’  (2011-02-24) bash [x] ; clipboard [x], copy [x], homework [x], paste [x]
  668. b’Archives List Generator for’  (2011-02-23) project [x], python [x], wordpress [x] ; archives [x], metaweblog [x]
  669. b’Get the list of your posts on with a Python script using the MetaWeblog API’  (2011-02-22) python [x], wordpress [x] ; blog API [x], metaweblog [x], xmlrpclib [x]
  670. b’cron and crontab’  (2011-02-22) bash [x] ; cron [x], crontab [x]
  671. b’Python tutorials of Full Circle Magazine in a single PDF’  (2011-02-21) python [x] ; pdf [x], pdftk [x], tutorial [x]
  672. b’Manipulate your PDFs with pdftk’  (2011-02-21) Uncategorized [x] ; cli [x], couturier [x], explode pdf [x], pdf [x], pdftk [x], split pdf [x], tool [x]
  673. b’Qwiki — Wikipedia of the future?’  (2011-02-20) Uncategorized [x] ; qwiki [x], search engine [x]
  674. b’Google doodles’  (2011-02-20) google [x] ; doodle [x], logo [x]
  675. b’Install Ksplice’  (2011-02-18) security [x], ubuntu [x] ; kernel [x], ksplice [x], patch [x]
  676. b’Change display resolution’  (2011-02-17) ubuntu [x] ; display [x], gui [x], projector [x], resolution [x], screen [x]
  677. b’Convert HTML to PDF’  (2011-02-17) html [x], php [x] ; convert [x], html [x], html2pdf [x], pdf [x], prince xml [x], webkit [x], wkhtmltopdf [x]
  678. b’Command line scripting in PHP’  (2011-02-17) php [x] ; cli [x]
  679. b’Play with Amiga classics’  (2011-02-16) commodore [x], games [x], windows [x] ; amiga [x], poland [x], retro [x]
  680. b’wget examples’  (2011-02-15) bash [x] ; wget [x]
  681. b’File manager with copy queue’  (2011-02-15) file manager [x], ubuntu [x] ; copy queue [x], double commander [x], krusader [x], mc [x], total commander [x]
  682. b’Learn more about’  (2011-02-14) wordpress [x] ; guide [x], learn [x]
  683. b’Analyze Disk Occupation’  (2011-02-13) ubuntu [x] ; analyze [x], baobab [x], disk usage [x], scan [x]
  684. b’Mount a new partition automatically (at boot time)’  (2011-02-13) Uncategorized [x]
  685. b’Create a new partition from an NTFS partition’  (2011-02-13) ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; gparted [x], partition [x], resize [x], shrink [x]
  686. b’Get more space on your root partition’  (2011-02-13) ubuntu [x] ; extension [x], free space [x], partition [x]
  687. b’Open Disk Management in Windows 7′  (2011-02-13) windows [x] ; disk management [x], disk manager [x], format [x], partition [x], resize [x]
  688. b’Verify .sfv files’  (2011-02-11) bash [x] ; checksum [x], cksfv [x], sfv [x]
  689. b’Star Wars floppy disk’  (2011-02-10) fun [x] ; floppy [x], music [x], retro [x], star wars [x]
  690. b’phpMyAdmin: No activity within 1440 seconds; please log in again’  (2011-02-10) php [x] ; cookie [x], phpmyadmin [x], tip [x], tweak [x]
  691. b’Command line calculator with Python’  (2011-02-10) bash [x], python [x] ; calculator [x], cli [x]
  692. b’Learn GIMP with GIMPtricks’  (2011-02-10) gimp [x] ; gimptricks [x], tutorial [x], video [x]
  693. b’HTML automatic redirect’  (2011-02-09) html [x] ; css [x], redirect [x]
  694. b’Getting started with the Haskell programming language’  (2011-02-09) haskell [x], programming language [x], python [x]
  695. b’How good are you in Vim?’  (2011-02-09) vim [x] ; vimgolf [x]
  696. b’Play WebGL games and demos’  (2011-02-09) Uncategorized [x] ; demo [x], games [x], quake [x], webgl [x]
  697. b’Emulate the MS-DOS prompt’  (2011-02-08) bash [x], fun [x] ; ms-dos [x], prompt [x], PS1 [x]
  698. b’Patch to Google Translate https pages’  (2011-02-07) firefox [x], javascript [x] ; add-on [x], bookmarklet [x], google [x], patch [x], translate [x], workaround [x]
  699. b’Hungarian search engines’  (2011-02-05) Uncategorized [x] ; hungarian [x], search engine [x]
  700. b’Firefox error on Windows’  (2011-02-05) firefox [x], fun [x], windows [x] ; animated gif [x], firewall [x]
  701. b’Euro foreign exchange reference rates + historical data’  (2011-02-04) finance [x] ; ecb [x], euro [x], exchange [x], historical data [x], money [x], rates [x], xml [x]
  702. b’bash loop without for’  (2011-02-03) bash [x] ; for [x], range [x], wget [x]
  703. b’Listen to Slay Radio’  (2011-02-01) Uncategorized [x] ; c64 [x], commodore [x], music [x], radio [x], retro [x], slay [x]
  704. b’Embed JpGraph in web pages’  (2011-01-30) php [x] ; jpgraph [x]
  705. b’Unicode tables’  (2011-01-29) Uncategorized [x] ; unicode [x]
  706. b’Drawing graphs in PHP with JpGraph’  (2011-01-28) php [x] ; antialias [x], graph [x], install [x], jpgraph [x], permission [x]
  707. b’Download all issues of Full Circle Magazine’  (2011-01-27) bash [x], ubuntu [x] ; download [x], for cycle [x], full circle magazine [x], loop [x], rename [x], wget [x]
  708. b’Check your privacy on Facebook’  (2011-01-26) security [x] ; facebook [x], privacy [x]
  709. b’Disable emoticons on your blog’  (2011-01-26) wordpress [x] ; emoticon [x], smiley [x]
  710. b’IPv6 Connectivity Test’  (2011-01-25) network [x] ; guide [x], ipv4 [x], ipv6 [x], my ip [x], tcp/ip [x]
  711. b’Wiki on a stick’  (2011-01-21) Uncategorized [x] ; stick [x], usb [x], wiki [x]
  712. b’The A to Z of programming languages’  (2011-01-18) programming language [x] ; interview [x]
  713. b’Restore previously opened tabs in Firefox’  (2011-01-18) firefox [x] ; restore [x], tabs [x]
  714. b’Getting started with the D programming language’  (2011-01-17) d programming language [x] ; book [x]
  715. b’Programming Language Popularity’  (2011-01-16) programming language [x] ; job trends [x], popularity [x], tiobe [x]
  716. b’Multiple inserts with MySQL/PHP’  (2011-01-13) mysql [x], php [x] ; commit [x], insert [x], transaction [x]
  717. b’ubuntu + stackoverflow = askubuntu’  (2011-01-13) ubuntu [x] ; askubuntu [x], stackexchange [x], stackoverflow [x], support [x]
  718. b’Difference in days between two dates [PHP]’  (2011-01-12) php [x] ; date [x], dateinterval [x], datetime [x], diff [x], homework [x]
  719. b’When: personal calendar for geeks’  (2011-01-11) bash [x] ; calendar [x], geek [x], minimalism [x], when [x]
  720. b’Calendar of a given month’  (2011-01-11) bash [x] ; cal [x], calendar [x], gcal [x], homework [x], month [x], ncal [x], zenity [x]
  721. b’Prettify (indent) XML files’  (2011-01-10) xml [x] ; beautify [x], indent [x], oxygen [x], prettify [x], xml editor [x], xmllint [x]
  722. b’Today, yesterday, tomorrow in PHP’  (2011-01-10) php [x] ; date [x], mktime [x], today [x], tomorrow [x], yesterday [x]
  723. b’Wallpaper changer’  (2011-01-10) ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; changer [x], image [x], rotate [x], wallpaper [x], wally [x]
  724. b’Increase the number of simultaneous downloads in Vuze’  (2011-01-09) Uncategorized [x] ; download [x], torrent [x], vuze [x]
  725. b”Programmers’ favourite quote”  (2011-01-07) Uncategorized [x] ; madach [x], programmer [x], quote [x], tragedy [x]
  726. b’Send link button in Firefox’  (2011-01-06) firefox [x] ; add-on [x], email [x], gmail [x], mailto [x]
  727. b’My vimperator settings’  (2011-01-06) firefox [x], ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; add-on [x], config [x], copy [x], page title [x], paste [x], tip [x], vimperator [x]
  728. b’Hide sponsored links in Gmail’  (2011-01-06) firefox [x] ; add-on [x], advertisement [x], block [x], gmail [x]
  729. b’List contents of directories in a tree-like format’  (2011-01-05) bash [x] ; directory [x], tree [x]
  730. b’Remove margins from PDF files’  (2011-01-04) latex [x] ; adobe [x], crop [x], eps [x], gnuplot [x], margin [x], pdf [x], rotate [x]
  731. b’2010 in review’  (2011-01-02) review [x] ; 2010 [x], summary [x]
  732. b’Play with free MMORPGs in your browser’  (2010-12-30) games [x] ; fantasy [x], mmorpg [x], name generator [x], sci-fi [x]
  733. b’View .djvu files’  (2010-12-25) ubuntu [x] ; convert [x], djvu [x], evince [x], mc [x], pdf [x]
  734. b’PNG to EPS’  (2010-12-22) bash [x] ; convert [x], eps [x], png [x], script [x]
  735. b’Random post on’  (2010-12-21) wordpress [x] ; post [x], random [x]
  736. b’Extract Yahoo stock list’  (2010-12-17) finance [x], python [x] ; beautifulsoup [x], extract [x], stock [x], yahoo [x]
  737. b’Currencies of Yahoo exchanges’  (2010-12-17) finance [x], php [x] ; currency [x], exchange [x], stock [x]
  738. b’Download financial data using the Yahoo API’  (2010-12-13) finance [x] ; api [x], csv [x], exchange [x], stock [x], yahoo [x]
  739. b’Get file extension [PHP]’  (2010-12-13) php [x] ; extension [x], file [x]
  740. b’Autologin under Gnome’  (2010-12-12) ubuntu [x] ; autologin [x], gdmsetup [x], gnome [x], lightdm [x]
  741. b’Currency converters’  (2010-12-09) Uncategorized [x] ; calculator [x], convert [x], currency [x], money [x]
  742. b’Configure Midnight Commander to open files with custom application’  (2010-12-08) ubuntu [x] ; config [x], docx [x], mc [x], mplayer [x], vlc [x]
  743. b’MySQL timestamp to Unix timestamp [PHP]’  (2010-12-06) mysql [x], php [x] ; convert [x], timestamp [x], unix [x]
  744. b’StringBuilder class in PHP [PHP]’  (2010-12-03) php [x] ; concatenation [x], java [x], string [x], stringbuilder [x]
  745. b’Currency names and codes [PHP]’  (2010-12-03) finance [x], html [x], php [x] ; currency [x], money [x]
  746. b’Autofocus on a textfield after page load [HTML]’  (2010-11-30) html [x], javascript [x] ; focus [x]
  747. b’Send HTML form upon confirmation [HTML]’  (2010-11-29) html [x] ; confirmation [x], popup [x], submit [x]
  748. b’Disable Enter in HTML forms’  (2010-11-29) html [x] ; form [x], javascript [x]
  749. b’Accept positive integers only (string to int) [PHP]’  (2010-11-26) php [x] ; convert [x], string to int [x]
  750. b’Foreign keys with phpMyAdmin [MySQL]’  (2010-11-25) mysql [x] ; foreign key [x], phpmyadmin [x]
  751. b’Hacking with BackTrack Linux’  (2010-11-24) ubuntu [x] ; backtrack [x], distro [x], hacking [x], security [x]
  752. b’Measure execution time in PHP’  (2010-11-23) php [x] ; execution time [x], measure [x], profiling [x], time [x]
  753. b’Validate an e-mail address in PHP [PHP]’  (2010-11-23) php [x] ; email [x], validation [x]
  754. b’Send e-mails from PHP via Gmail using Swift Mailer [PHP]’  (2010-11-21) php [x] ; email [x], gmail [x], smtp [x], swift mailer [x]
  755. b’Setting rights for public_html’  (2010-11-21) bash [x] ; chmod [x], public_html [x]
  756. b’My .vimrc settings’  (2010-11-19) ubuntu [x] ; config [x], vi [x], vim [x], vimrc [x]
  757. b’Using scp (secure copy)’  (2010-11-19) bash [x] ; scp [x], secure copy [x], ssh [x]
  758. b’Installing a LAMP server’  (2010-11-18) framework [x], php [x], ubuntu [x] ; apache [x], apache2 [x], bug [x], error [x], install [x], lamp [x], mysql [x], php [x], symfony [x], tasksel [x], userdir [x], warning [x], yii [x]
  759. b’Rip a CD/DVD’  (2010-11-16) ubuntu [x] ; cd [x], dvd [x], movie [x], rip [x], vlc [x]
  760. b’Installing VirtualBox’  (2010-11-15) ubuntu [x] ; bios [x], install [x], virtualbox [x], virtualization [x], vmware [x]
  761. b’AVS Video Editor [Win]’  (2010-11-12) windows [x] ; avs [x], video editor [x]
  762. b’Encrypt your data with TrueCrypt’  (2010-11-11) ubuntu [x], windows [x] ; encyption [x], paranoia [x], truecrypt [x], unmount [x]
  763. b’My .bashrc settings’  (2010-11-07) bash [x] ; bashrc [x], config [x], cow [x]
  764. b’Listen to’  (2010-11-07) firefox [x] ; add-on [x], [x], [x], music [x]
  765. b’My mplayer settings’  (2010-11-07) ubuntu [x] ; config [x], mplayer [x], subtitle [x]
  766. b’Install multiple programs at once with Ninite [Win]’  (2010-11-06) windows [x] ; install [x], ninite [x]
  767. b’Disk defragmentation [Win]’  (2010-11-06) windows [x] ; defrag [x]
  768. b’Clean your Windows [Win]’  (2010-11-06) windows [x] ; ccleaner [x]
  769. b’Posts about Windows [Win]’  (2010-11-06) windows [x]
  770. b’Linux Format’  (2010-11-04) ubuntu [x] ; lxf [x], magazine [x], montreal [x]
  771. b’Change disk checking (fsck) frequency at boot ‘  (2010-11-04) bash [x] ; boot [x], check [x], dumpe2fs [x], frequency [x], fsck [x], tune2fs [x]
  772. b’Rename several files’  (2010-11-04) bash [x] ; perl [x], rename [x]
  773. b’Gmail Notifier alternatives’  (2010-11-03) firefox [x] ; add-on [x], e-mail [x], gmail [x], notifier [x]
  774. b’Convert JPGs to PDF’  (2010-11-02) bash [x] ; convert [x], imagemagick [x], jpg [x], pdf [x]
  775. b’Installing the Java plugin for Firefox’  (2010-10-28) firefox [x] ; icedtea [x], java [x], openjdk [x], plugin [x], sun [x]
  776. b’Firesheep danger, protect yourself’  (2010-10-28) firefox [x] ; add-on [x], firesheep [x], https [x], security [x]
  777. b’Split a large file’  (2010-10-27) bash [x] ; cat [x], split [x]
  778. b’Modify dependencies of a .deb file’  (2010-10-27) bash [x] ; boxee [x], deb [x]
  779. b’Get favicon from a website’  (2010-10-27) firefox [x] ; favicon [x], ico [x]
  780. b’Remove the newline character from a text file’  (2010-10-19) bash [x], windows [x] ; editor [x], ghex [x], ghex2 [x], hex [x], hxd [x], newline [x], text [x]
  781. b’Copy a project folder without the .svn subdirectories’  (2010-10-18) bash [x] ; subversion [x], svn [x]
  782. b’Remove .svn directories recursively’  (2010-10-18) bash [x] ; subversion [x], svn [x]
  783. b’Call phone from Gmail’  (2010-10-15) ubuntu