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Force Avast NOT to scan my EXEs

Currently I’m working on a C tutorial and thus I write lots of small C programs. I compile and try all of them to see that everything works fine. Unfortunately I need to do the tutorial under Windows. It wouldn’t be a big issue, but whenever I launch an EXE, Avast starts scanning my EXE because it’s suspicious :( I always lose several seconds with this shit. How to disable this “feature”?

In Avast you can exclude a directory. So I produce my EXEs in the folder C:\work and I told Avast not to scan this directory. Here is how to do it:

Open Avast, select Protection on the left, then select Virus Scans. On the right side you’ll see a small gear (cog) icon, click on it. On the tab “Full Virus Scan”, go down to the bottom and click on “View exceptions”. Click on the button “Add Exception” and specify the folder that you want to exclude (it was C:\work in my case). Done.

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