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How to append images vertically?

February 26, 2019 Leave a comment

With youtube-dl I downloaded all the videos of a YouTube playlist. I also wanted to have a screenshot with all the videos of the playlist that contains the thumbnails, the titles, etc. As the playlist contained many videos and thus they didn’t fit on one page, I took several screenshots. For example, 01.png contained videos from 1 to 9, 02.png contained videos from 10 to 18, etc.
However, instead of several screenshots, I wanted just one long screenshot with everything. How to concatenate images vertically?

Using convert from ImageMagick:

convert -append 1.png 2.png full.png

This tip is from here.

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[latex] using accents

February 22, 2019 Leave a comment

I wanted to write a LaTeX document in Hungarian using those funny accents (áéíóöőüű), but they didn’t appear in the PDF output.



The tip is from here.

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[manjaro] goodbye yaourt, hello yay

February 22, 2019 Leave a comment

Under Manjaro I’ve used yaourt so far to install AUR and even other packages. I’ve read there are problems with yaourt but it worked so well. However, I just heard that yaourt is not maintained any longer. So what to use instead of yaourt?

yay is very similar to yaourt in its functionalities and usage, thus it seems to be a good replacement.

I only had one issue, the output was not colored, but it was easy to fix. From the FAQ: “make sure you have the Color option in your /etc/pacman.conf“.

I even removed yaourt to force myself to use yay: “yay -R yaourt“.

yaourt was great and I’m thankful for its developers.


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finding a neovim problem

February 5, 2019 Leave a comment

Neovim has a built-in command :checkhealth that will run a detailed self-diagnosis.

I had the problem that when I started neovim, I got some Python-related error concerning the package neovim (the reddit discussion is here). With :checkhealth I could find the source of the problem easily.

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