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[vim] I’m back to (neo)vim

A week ago I returned to vim, more precisely to neovim.

Here is my story…

When I started the university (geez, that was 20 years ago) we got an account to a Unix server. On the first week I logged in and launched Midnight Commander. I wanted to check out the content of a file in my HOME folder so I pressed F3 (view) on it. However, the default editor was “vi” :) I had no idea how to quit this program so I had to ask a senior student in the lab to help me. He was kind and showed me the trick: “:q<Enter>“. So this is how I met vi and after this I avoided it for 3 years. Then I had a Java class where there was a guy who was a big zero in programming. One day he was sitting next to me and he was using Vim! And I was using Joe. He had nice syntax highlighting and he showed me some vim tricks. And I thought “WTF? If this guy could learn it, then I can learn it too.” I asked him about it and he told me that he started it with the command “vimtutor“. I went home and that very afternoon I went through the vimtutor too. I made some notes but I couldn’t memorize all those keyboard shortcuts. In the next few days I went through the tutorial two more times. Then I forced myself to use vim for all my text editing works and I got to like it. When I needed something I looked up how to do it with vim. The commands were logical and soon it was a pain to use any other editor.

Several years passed and I was very satisfied with Vim. I wasn’t a guru and I didn’t use many plugins, but I could solve all my problems with it. Then 2 years ago I heard that Emacs can be vimmified with the Evil plugin. I gave it a try and it was like a “better vim”. It had a nice GUI, I liked its default color scheme, it had a plugin manager, etc. I spent two weeks with its configuration and I could reproduce the majority of my vim settings. It was good.

I have several machines (desktops, laptops) and I used Emacs+Evil everywhere. I keep my settings in Dropbox, so I have the same configuration on all my computers. However, on my older machines Emacs started very slowly. Sometimes I had to wait 20 seconds! So when I wanted to edit a little script, I just launched vim. And it happened more and more often…

And now it’s present time. Two weeks ago I read about Neovim and I liked its features: a modernized vim, async job control, built-in terminal. I decided to give it a try. I created an empty init.vim file (it’s Neovim’s .vimrc equivalent) and transferred from .vimrc the necessary things. It turned out that my .vimrc had lots of obsolete settings that I could drop. On the forums I looked after the popular plugins. I even started learning vimscript :) Now my settings are better than my old Vim settings. I like Neovim and I am going to use it from now on.

If you are interested, then here is my init.vim configuration file for Neovim. It’s a work in progress but it’s already usable.

Expect some (neo)vim posts in the future :)

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  1. May 15, 2016 at 23:09

    Just one word: http://spacemacs.org/

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