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[manjaro] Apache + PHP + RockMongo

On my Manjaro box I wanted to use RockMongo. It’s a very nice web-based utility for MongoDB, like PHPMyAdmin for MySQL.

However, after an upgrade of my system it stopped working :(

It works on another machine of mine where I installed the packages “apache22” and “php-apache22”. However, on my main desktop I cannot install “php-apache22” again, the compilation terminates with an error message that I couldn’t resolve.

So, I had to use the packages “apache” and “php-apache”. I could make it work with the following package versions:

  • apache 2.4.18-1
  • php-apache 5.6.16-1
  • php 7.0.3-1
  • php-mongo 1.6.12-1

php-apache: the current version is 7.x, which uses PHP 7. RockMongo didn’t work with that, so I had to downgrade to this specific version.

php-mongo: there is a newer package called php-mongodb (notice the “db” at its end). With php-mongodb RockMongo didn’t cooperate. I couldn’t even find php-mongo (it’s deprecated I think) so I had to copy the files of this package (only 2 files) from my laptop to my desktop machine.

Using these versions of the packages and following these installation steps, finally I could make RockMongo work.

One more thing: to avoid an automatic update of “php-apache”, I added it to yaourt’s ignore list.

Here are the files of php-mongo (link). I couldn’t find this package anywhere so I copied it from my laptop where I still had it. It’s for x86_64 systems. I don’t say you should use it because it’s absolutely not safe. So I just say that I put it here for myself if I need it in the future. The README.txt file shows the rights / owner / group settings of the files.

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