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position two windows next to each other

Note: scroll down to Update #1 to see a built-in solution.

I’m playing with the Brackets text editor and it has a live preview feature, which means that as you edit an HTML code, you can see its effect immediately in the browser. You don’t need to save and refresh the browser to see every change. Pretty cool. So I wanted to tile my windows: Brackets on the left side, Firefox on the right side. How to do that?

Maybe there is a shortcut for this under Ubuntu, but under Manjaro I didn’t find it. But there is a cool project thet can do this for you called QuickTile (written in Python :)). Here is a great video tutorial on how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF76DELEpjM .

In short
Install it and then you get a script called “quicktile“. Run it once and it generates a basic config file at “~/.config/quicktile.cfg“. I modified just one line in the config:

ModMask = <Control><Mod4>

Then start QuickTile in daemon mode: “quicktile -d“. Then you can place your windows by pressing Ctrl + left Super key (aka Windows key) + numbers on the number pad (on the right side). So for instance Ctrl + Super + 6 positions the current window to the right side.

To make it run after a reboot, put “quicktile -d” among your startup apps.



Update #1
Arrgh… Just when I finished this post, I found another video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0rTIKM43ug ), which shows that this feauture is available in newer XFCEs (from version 4.10). Open Settings Manager -> Windows Manager, and select the Keyboard tab. Scroll down to “Tile...” and you can assign hotkeys to the different positions.

Update #2
Under Ubuntu (using Unity) it works out of the box. The hotkey is Ctrl + Alt + numbers on the numeric pad.

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