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disable “quiet splash” during boot

Today my laptop froze and I switched it off with the power button. Well, after this it didn’t boot :( The splash screen appeared, but after a few seconds the HDD led stopped blinking and nothing happened. What’s wrong?

As long as you have that stupid splash screen, you won’t see what the problem is. Upon boot you can switch it off temporarily. In the GRUB menu choose “Advanced options”, then at the bottom you will see thet with “e” you can edit the commands (press “e”). Find the line that starts with “linux” and delete “quiet splash” at the end of its line. With CTRL-X you can continue the boot. (See this thread for screenshots.) Now you will see what the problem is.

In my case the root partition got corrupted a bit and had to run “fsck” on it manually. But I could only see this problem when the splash screen was deactivated. Fortunately it was nothing serious and my system is back to normal.

After this the first thing was to edit “/etc/default/grub” and remove “quiet splash” permanently (don’t forget to run update-grub after editing this file).

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