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If your Android is misbehaving

I have a Huawei Ascend Y200 device and lately it was acting strangely. This device doesn’t have much memory, so it was always complaining about low memory but I got used to it. Installing a new app was always a pain or simply impossible… But a few days ago it was dropping error messages like “process com.google.process.gapps has stopped”. Due to this problem I couldn’t use my phone normally. For instance, when I wanted to check my text messages, it quit to the desktop all the time.

The solution is very simple: remove as many apps as you can to free some RAM for the device. I did this and after a restart it works like a charm.

I was already thinking that I should buy a new device, after all it’s 2 years old, but now it works fine. I give it another chance :)

When I got this mobile, I used it for lots of things: watch movies, play music, browse YouTube, etc. Thus, I installed several apps that filled up its memory. Since then I got a tablet, which is much better for these tasks, so I could remove these extra apps from the mobile without hesitation. Now, as it has some free RAM, it can work correctly. Well, after all, what should this device know? Make phone calls, write SMS messages, have an alarm clock, and sometimes check my emails. That’s all.

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