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SpiderOak: a great Ubuntu One alternative

Dropbox is awesome but it has a drawback. It treats symbolic links in a terrible way. So, if you want to sync a directory between several Linux machines AND you want to use symbolic links in this common directory, then forget Dropbox. I also use Windows machines with Dropbox, and my symbolic links were always f* up.

To avoid this problem, I decided to use Ubuntu One next to Dropbox. In the “Ubuntu One” directory I put content that I wanted to share between my Linux machines. Ubuntu One simply ignores symbolic links, thus I used a script on each machine to recreate the links. It worked well until Ubuntu One refused to start on my home machine… It is written in Python (that I love by the way), but the libraries somehow got messed up and Ubuntu One quit with an error. F* awesome!

So, what should I use instead of Ubuntu One? The alternative must treat symbolic links normally (or, to be safe, just ignore them), otherwise it’s useless for me.

And that’s how I found SpiderOak. Basically it works just like Dropbox, but similarly to Ubuntu One it nicely ignores symbolic links.

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