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Javva the Hutt

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Found here. Thanks Jeszy for the link.

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SpiderOak: a great Ubuntu One alternative

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Dropbox is awesome but it has a drawback. It treats symbolic links in a terrible way. So, if you want to sync a directory between several Linux machines AND you want to use symbolic links in this common directory, then forget Dropbox. I also use Windows machines with Dropbox, and my symbolic links were always f* up.

To avoid this problem, I decided to use Ubuntu One next to Dropbox. In the “Ubuntu One” directory I put content that I wanted to share between my Linux machines. Ubuntu One simply ignores symbolic links, thus I used a script on each machine to recreate the links. It worked well until Ubuntu One refused to start on my home machine… It is written in Python (that I love by the way), but the libraries somehow got messed up and Ubuntu One quit with an error. F* awesome!

So, what should I use instead of Ubuntu One? The alternative must treat symbolic links normally (or, to be safe, just ignore them), otherwise it’s useless for me.

And that’s how I found SpiderOak. Basically it works just like Dropbox, but similarly to Ubuntu One it nicely ignores symbolic links.

Close an unclosable window

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You update your system and you get a message window that says the system must be restarted. However, there is no close button on this window. How to get rid of it?

Press Alt+F2, launch “xkill“, and click on the window you want to close.

Midnight Commander tips

Copy the name of the current file to the mini shell:
“Esc+Enter” (i.e. press Esc, release, then press Enter)

I already knew this. Here are some new ones that I learned today:

The one above has an alternative shortcut:

Paste to the shell the path of the selected panel:
“Esc+a” or “Ctrl+x p”

Paste to the shell the path of the unselected (other) panel:
“Esc+A” or “Ctrl+x Ctrl+p”

These are actually in the man page, so it would be a good idea to read it once :)

Thanks to Andrew B. on the mc mailing list.

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Algorithm Complexity Analysis

A Gentle Introduction to Algorithm Complexity Analysis

However, theoretical computer science has its uses and applications and can turn out to be quite practical. In this article, targeted at programmers who know their art but who don’t have any theoretical computer science background, I will present one of the most pragmatic tools of computer science: Big O notation and algorithm complexity analysis. As someone who has worked both in a computer science academic setting and in building production-level software in the industry, this is the tool I have found to be one of the truly useful ones in practice, so I hope after reading this article you can apply it in your own code to make it better. After reading this post, you should be able to understand all the common terms computer scientists use such as “big O”, “asymptotic behavior” and “worst-case analysis”.” (source)

Resources for an interview

I found this list in this thread @reddit:

More sites:

I have that Mock a Mockingbird book mentioned in the above link. Eh… it’s interesting but I don’t think it’s very applicable to interviews I’ve been on. It’s basically combinatorial mathematics. Can’t hurt if you have the time.

Above are blog accounts of Amazon interviews. Pretty accurate.

Optional Book: How Would You Move Mount Fuji. Although, this is not as relevant as it was back in 2000. Puzzle questions are almost gone in interviews, but some of the programming questions could count as puzzles. I believe people interviewing for management positions still get them though.

I do have a couple other good puzzle sites but I can’t find them right now. Bookmarked on another pc.

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You want to convert a .doc file to .txt from the command line.


abiword --to=txt myfile.doc

abiword --to=txt --to-name=output.txt myfile.doc

abiword --to=pdf myfile.doc

Tip from here.

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