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Digitally Imported station URLs

You want to listen to Digitally Imported radio channels from command line for instance. For this you need the URL of the stations but it’s somewhat hidden on the web interface.

There is a public list of stations at http://pub7.di.fm/. You can write pub1, pub2, …, pub7 in this address.

I wrote a quick and dirty script that extracts station URLs (see the script here).

The output of the script is here (download the list here):

(01) http://pub7.di.fm/di_ambient                  Ambient - a blend of ambient, downtempo, and chillout
(02) http://pub7.di.fm/di_bigroomhouse             Big Room House - The most uplifting, floor-filling Big Room House!
(03) http://pub7.di.fm/di_breaks                   Breaks - a fine assortment of trance and house breaks
(04) http://pub7.di.fm/di_chillhop                 ChillHop - Trip Hop infused, downtempo nujazz and chillout beats.
(05) http://pub7.di.fm/di_chillout                 Chillout - ambient psy chillout, check out our trippy flavors!
(06) http://pub7.di.fm/di_chilloutdreams           Chillout Dreams - relax to the sounds of dream and ibiza style chillout
(07) http://pub7.di.fm/di_chiptunes                Chiptunes - Playing the best chiptunes and video game music.
(08) http://pub7.di.fm/di_classiceurodance         Classic EuroDance - Finest imported cheese on the net!
(09) http://pub7.di.fm/di_classiceurodisco         Classic EuroDisco - Relive the sounds of Euro & Italo Disco.
(10) http://pub7.di.fm/di_classictrance            Classic Trance - relive the classic trance hits!!
(11) http://pub7.di.fm/di_classicvocaltrance       Classic Vocal Trance - Classic fusion of trance, dance, and chilling vocals together!
(12) http://pub7.di.fm/di_clubdubstep              Club Dubstep - Enjoy the liquid sounds of Dubstep
(13) http://pub7.di.fm/di_clubsounds               Club Sounds - the hottest club and dance tunes 24/7
(14) http://pub7.di.fm/di_cosmicdowntempo          Cosmic Downtempo - A downtempo journey into the cosmos
(15) http://pub7.di.fm/di_darkdnb                  Dark DnB - A twisted blend of heavy hitting Dark Drum and Bass!
(16) http://pub7.di.fm/di_deephouse                Deep House - Only the sexiest, silky smooth and groovy Deep House.
(17) http://pub7.di.fm/di_deepnudisco              Deep Nu-Disco - The new sounds of Deep Disco!
(18) http://pub7.di.fm/di_deeptech                 Deep Tech - Deeper shades of House and Techno with Dub and Blues influences.
(19) http://pub7.di.fm/di_discohouse               Disco House  - Grooviest Disco House hits on the planet!
(20) http://pub7.di.fm/di_djmixes                  DJ MIXES - non-stop DJ sets featuring various forms of techno & trance!
(21) http://pub7.di.fm/di_downtempolounge          Downtempo Lounge - Relax with some Downtempo grooves.
(22) http://pub7.di.fm/di_drumandbass              Drum and Bass - tasty assortment to satisfy your drum and bass fix!
(23) http://pub7.di.fm/di_dubstep                  Dubstep - Dubstep hits and mixes!!!!
(24) http://pub7.di.fm/di_eclectronica             EcLectronica - An eclectic mixture of modern electronica.
(25) http://pub7.di.fm/di_electrohouse             Electro House - an eclectic mix of electro and dirty house
(26) http://pub7.di.fm/di_epictrance               Epic Trance - Epic & uplifting trance hits
(27) http://pub7.di.fm/di_eurodance                EuroDance - the newest and best of Eurodance hits
(28) http://pub7.di.fm/di_funkyhouse               Funky House - A fine selection of funky house music!!
(29) http://pub7.di.fm/di_futuresynthpop           Future Synthpop - Finest selection of futurepop and synthpop!!
(30) http://pub7.di.fm/di_glitchhop                Glitch Hop - Bit-crushing, dub-infused Hip Hop sounds!
(31) http://pub7.di.fm/di_goapsy                   Goa & Psychedelic Trance - a voyage out of this world!
(32) http://pub7.di.fm/di_handsup                  Hands Up  - Dance to the best Hands Up hits!!
(33) http://pub7.di.fm/di_hardcore                 Hardcore - DJ mixes, hard dance and NuNRG!
(34) http://pub7.di.fm/di_harddance                Hard Dance - are you ready for this!
(35) http://pub7.di.fm/di_hardstyle                Hardstyle - Banging Hardstyle for your ears!!!
(36) http://pub7.di.fm/di_house                    House - silky sexy deep house music direct from New York city!
(37) http://pub7.di.fm/di_latinhouse               Latin House - Finest selection of Latin house!!
(38) http://pub7.di.fm/di_liquiddnb                Liquid DnB  - Flowing with the freshest Liquid DnB!!
(39) http://pub7.di.fm/di_liquiddubstep            Liquid Dubstep - Mellow out to the rolling, soothing deep bass of Liquid Dubstep.
(40) http://pub7.di.fm/di_lounge                   Lounge - sit back and enjoy the lounge grooves!
(41) http://pub7.di.fm/di_mainstage                Mainstage - The biggest DJs from the best festivals around the world!
(42) http://pub7.di.fm/di_minimal                  Minimal - Finest selection of Minimal Techno & House!!
(43) http://pub7.di.fm/di_oldschoolacid            Oldschool Acid - Oldschool sounds of Acid Techno, House, and Trance!
(44) http://pub7.di.fm/di_oldschoolelectronica     Classic Electronica - old school techno, trance & rave!
(45) http://pub7.di.fm/di_progressive              Progressive - house, techno, and trance beats for your mind!
(46) http://pub7.di.fm/di_progressivepsy           Progressive Psy - progressive psychedelic grooves
(47) http://pub7.di.fm/di_psychill                 PsyChill - downtempo psychedelic dub grooves, goa ambient, and world beats.
(48) http://pub7.di.fm/di_russianclubhits          Russian Club Hits - Russia's hottest club hits.
(49) http://pub7.di.fm/di_sankeys                  Sankeys Radio - The sound of the white isle direct from Sankeys Ibiza.
(50) http://pub7.di.fm/di_soulfulhouse             Soulful House - house music selected from Paris with love!
(51) http://pub7.di.fm/di_spacemusic               Space Dreams - ambient space music for expanding minds
(52) http://pub7.di.fm/di_techhouse                Tech House - A fusion of techno and house with a deep, soulful vibe.
(53) http://pub7.di.fm/di_techno                   Techno - From Minimal to Detroit to Schranz & all in between!
(54) http://pub7.di.fm/di_trance                   Trance Channel - we can't define it!
(55) http://pub7.di.fm/di_trap                     Trap - Electronic 808 beats with Hip Hop roots.
(56) http://pub7.di.fm/di_tribalhouse              Tribal House - Finest selection of tribal and tech house!!
(57) http://pub7.di.fm/di_ukgarage                 UK Garage - The latest and greatest in UK Garage!!
(58) http://pub7.di.fm/di_umfradio                 UMF Radio - UMF Radio
(59) http://pub7.di.fm/di_vocalchillout            Vocal Chillout - Enjoy the relaxing vocal sounds of ibiza chillout
(60) http://pub7.di.fm/di_vocaltrance              Vocal Trance - a fusion of trance, dance, and chilling vocals together!

Play a station with mplayer for instance: “mplayer http://pub7.di.fm/di_ambient“.

Update (20140703)
Another way is to extract all links and then filter the result:

$ ./get_links.py http://pub7.di.fm | grep -v "\.xsl$" | grep -v "http://http://" | grep "fm/" | sort -u

The get_links.py script is here.

Update (20141102)
As it was pointed out in the comments by one of our dear readers, Abel Omar Serú, the radio stations above are not top quality, i.e. the bitrate is 96 KBPS. However, following Omar’s tip, here is the premium list with an incredible 320 KBPS :)

Update (20150726): I got an email from Digitally Imported and they asked me to remove the list. So it’s no longer available.

  1. March 3, 2014 at 15:35

    OMG genius!

    Use the links here and put them in your VLC or Videoplayer to stream DI FM without any restrictions!!
    Just enter the network address ‘http://pub7.di.fm/di_spacemusic’ into your streaming url/link/address and stream.

    Many Thanks and from those who have not thanked you for this.

    • March 3, 2014 at 17:13

      Thanks :) This post is my most popular post. Yet you are the first and only person who said “thank you” for this.

  2. itomkins
    April 1, 2014 at 23:50

    Great post, thanks for the info.

  3. May 1, 2014 at 15:49

    Thanks for useful information!

  4. June 28, 2014 at 00:32

    wow, finally , thanks so much..i was looking so long for some good links and couldnt find anything…so happy now, great work….kisses ;o)

  5. June 30, 2014 at 01:48

    Thanks Much!

  6. August 22, 2014 at 19:32

    Awesome. Thanks a lot.
    I’m thinking of putting together a script using kdialog to prompt for station selection.

    • August 22, 2014 at 22:06

      Don’t forget to share your script on Github. Then paste its URL here :)

  7. November 2, 2014 at 19:57

    Thtat’s for 96Kbps (non-premium) but thanks! I use streamripper for capture any song apart, only with the url….
    streamsripper and all your music will be at your Home folder :)
    PD: try

    http://… # DI asked me to remove the link


    http://... # DI asked me to remove the link



    Thanks a lot for the final full list!
    It seems to be that the server doesn’t include new channels as “EBM” yet.
    How could we get those channels?

    Another tip: you can create a fake account from a fake e-mail as http://www.spam4.me and you will be premium for the first week (their promotion)… any times you want :)

    Update (20150726) from Jabba Laci: I got an email from Digitally Imported and they asked me to remove the links to the unauthorized Premium relay. So I removed the URLs from this post.

    • November 2, 2014 at 20:00

      oops, and don’t forget that command:

      streamripper YOUR_URL_HERE -d "YOUR FOLDER_HERE"

      Installing streamripper:

      sudo apt-get install streamripper
  8. January 26, 2015 at 18:27

    Thank you man, it helped a lot!

  9. May 14, 2015 at 20:15

    OH yeah. Been up all night bashin on my keyboard in time to some fantastic music. Thanks for the list in 320kbps. Woot!

    • May 14, 2015 at 21:50

      Which stations are your favourite?

  10. March 6, 2017 at 21:00

    Hey. Just found your script? Are the URLs still working? I am a windows User and wanted to play the stream with winamp and ue the streamripper plugin. links are not working for me…

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