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Syntax-highlighted “cat” in command line

You have a source code whose content you want to display on the stdout. The natural way to do that is the “cat” command but it’s monochrome. How to get a syntax-highlighted output?

Use pygments. If you install it (“sudo apt-get install python-pygments“), you will have a command called “pygmentize” that you can invoke from the command line.


pygmentize -f terminal256 -O style=native -g color_me.py

Tip: put an alias on it.

alias pcat="pygmentize -f terminal256 -O style=native -g"

There are different styles available, see “pygmentize -L” for a list.

Tip from here. Discussion @reddit here.


  1. May 29, 2013 at 17:32

    good stuff, thanks.

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