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Downgrade your Nvidia driver

I have an older laptop that I use to watch movies on my TV. It is connected to the TV and I use the TV as a “projector”. The resolution of our HD-ready TV is 1152×864. I also set this resolution on the laptop and the screen was cloned on the TV. It can be set with nvidia-settings easily. Everything worked fine for years when suddenly…

…I clicked on the “Update” button. And it updated the Nvidia driver. And from then on I couldn’t change the resolution. Aaaarrrrrghhhhh!

The nvidia driver offered one resolution only: the highest one, which is 1900×1200. It would be fine for my laptop but I want to clone the screen on the TV which doesn’t support such high resolution. Damn!

I tried everything. For hours. And finally I found the solution: I managed to downgrade the nvidia driver from 304.88 to 295.33.

nvidia graphics drivers: here

nvidia-settings: here

Note that the version of nvidia-settings must match the version of nvidia graphics driver!

So I downloaded the following files:


I removed the current nvidia packages and then installed the 3 packages above. Here I suppose that the 3 files above are saved in a folder and you entered that folder.

sudo apt-get purge nvidia-*
sudo dpkg -i *

After restarting the machine it worked fine. On this laptop I will never ever update the nvidia driver, that’s sure as hell.

The downgrade tip is from here.

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