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/usr messed up

Somehow I managed to mess up my /usr folder. I downloaded Adobe flash and it comes in a .tgz archive. It contained a “usr” subdirectory that I copied recursively to /usr. Although I had to copy them as root, these files were copied under my user name “jabba” and when I wanted to start VirtualBox, it dropped an error message that ownerships in /usr are not good. So I ran a “chown -R root:root /usr” and then all kinds of problems got unleashed :( This command somehow removed suid bits too, thus “sudo” stopped working, automount stopped working, soundcard behaved strangely and dbus got messed up too (actually it was the source of most problems).

I restored manually some suid bits (“chmod u+s file“) and then reinstalled dbus completely:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall dbus

It seems it solved every problem: soundcard is OK and automount works too.

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