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Darwinia: the game

darwinia-visual-paradox-first-photos-11253Darwinia is a 2005 real-time tactics and real-time strategy video game for several platforms. It is the second game developed by Introversion Software, and its setting is within a computer environment that simulates artificial intelligence.” (from wikipedia)

I bought Darwinia on Steam last Christmas on a sale but I tried it this week. And I’m amazed! It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played with. The graphic and design are similar to the world of Tron, but it’s a real-time strategy. It runs on Linux too, I played it with 1920 x 1080 resolution. And this masterpiece was developed by 4 guys as I read it somewhere…

There is a tutorial system built in, so anybody can learn it :) Some tips though:

  • Upgrade something all the time. When you get to the last levels, the only chance to survive if you are powered up. So when you get a notification that an upgrade is done, start another immediately. Some upgrades take a lot of time. By the time you reach Biosphere, your green men should be able to defend themselves, otherwise they will be massacred.
  • Learn to use the armor, it will be a huge help and some enemies cannot be killed otherwise. Right clicking on an armor you can select an action: load, unload, stop loading. Put some green men in it (they will be the operators) and right click on a ground point. Here the armor will transform into a turret. Don’t deploy the turret too close to red men because they can overtake the gun and turn it against you! The armor can go over anything: sea, mountain, nothing can stop it :)
  • If you take the focus off of a squad (with space), it will defend itself automatically.
  • Spiders can be destroyed with grenades or rockets. Rocket is easier to use against spiders so upgrade this skill to increase range.
  • There is a level called Escort. It can be done with zero kills :)
  • Darwinians (the little green men) can climb up a hill. In water they drown.
  • If you finished the game and later you want to play on a custom level, do the following: edit the file ~/.darwinia/full/preferences.txt and modify this line: “UserProfile = AccessAllAreas“. Now you can play any level.



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