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Extracting Colors

At http://99designs.com/tech-blog/blog/2012/05/11/color-analysis/ I found an interesting project called “colorific”. “colorific determines what the most important colors used in your image are, and if one of them is a background color.” So it won’t list all the colors, just the most important ones.



sudo pip install colorific

Let’s take the following image: ares.png.

Usage #1:

$ colorific ares.png 
ares.png        #0065b9,#bbd6ec,#ff0000,#2d4456,#77adda

Usage #2:

$ colorific -o ares.png 
ares.png        #0065b9,#bbd6ec,#ff0000,#2d4456,#77adda

This one, in addition to usage #1, creates a file called “ares_palette.png”, which shows the extracted colors:


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