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A command-line, interactive mini dictionary

In Google, you can use the search term “define:word” to get the definition of a given word. Google can also pronounce the word.

I’ve made a simple script that gives similar functionalities from the command-line. Usage: just type in a word. The script is part of my jabbapylib library; available here.


Jabba's Interactive Mini Dictionary v0.1.0
q - quit | c - clear
>>> barkeeper
A person who owns or operates a bar for the sale of alcoholic beverages.
(1) Aaron called the barkeeper over and asked for a beer.
(2) The barkeeper was the only human in the establishment; all of the patrons were stout, broad-faced halflings.

It’s not visible here, but the script pronounces the given word too.

The script uses the API of wordnik.com, so you’ll need to ask an API key (free). More info here.

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