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FoxyProxy, proxy switcher for Firefox

While browsing, you want to use a proxy server.

The FoxyProxy add-on allows you to switch proxies easily.

Useful Links

Use Case
Say you want to listen to Pandora Radio but when you visit their website you get a warning in your face: “You are not a US resident therefore you don’t exist. Go away!” What can you do? Install FoxyProxy, set up a US proxy, verify it on an arbitrary site to see if it works, then visit the Pandora website again. Problem solved.

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Update (20121110)
If you want to listen to Pandora Radio, there is an easier method.

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  1. August 14, 2012 at 10:50

    Another proxy to recommend: LocaProxy Toolbar (http://www.locaproxy.com/toolbar.php), auto capture proxy server location based on the configured IP.

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