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Hide an HTML element on a website

You have a favourite website which contains an HTML element that bugs you. You simply want to get rid of that element. How to block it?

So far I was writing custom filters manually. With Firebug I could analyze the source code of any element. Then I added an Adblock Plus custom filter based on the previously discovered HTML source.

But there is a better way! Use Element Hiding Helper (EHH), which is a companion extension for Adblock Plus meant to make creating element hiding rules easier. Visit the link for a short guide.

You can switch the preview on/off, which is a great way to see if you block the correct element. If you use Vimperator, you might want to disable its shortcuts with Shift + Esc to be able to use EHH’s own shortcuts.

Update (20120220)
I installed this add-on on another machine but the ABP icon didn’t appear. On the bar I made a right click -> Customize…, but the icon was not there either. Solution: right click on the bar and enable the Add-on Bar. It will appear at the bottom. As it disturbed me, after using the EHH I disabled the Add-on Bar.

Thanks Yves for the tip!

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