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MongoHQ: a hosted database solution for MongoDB

MongoHQ is the hosted database solution for getting your applications up and running on MongoDB, fast. From our free shared plans to custom dedicated solutions, we can handle all the different levels of your data layer.” (source)

At MongoHQ you can have a MongoDB database with size up to 16MB for free. If you want more, you gotta pay :) Here is their pricing.

Let’s see the free solution. Register and create a sample database called “mydb” for instance. Create a database user under the “database users” tab by specifying its name and password. You can create several users and a user can have read-only privileges too. Under the “database info” tab, you’ll get the URI of the database, which looks similar to this:


Using PyMongo, you can connect like this:

c = Connection("mongodb://<username>:<password>@stuff.mongohq.com:10569/mydb")

Where the credentials are the database user’s username and password that you added under the “database users” tab.

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