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Scraping AJAX web pages (Part 1.5)

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Before attacking Part 2, I think it would be useful to investigate what the generated source of a page looks like.

Consider the following source:

<script>document.write("Hello World!");</script>

If you open it, you’ll see the text “Hello World!”. It’s not a big surprise :) But what is the generated source? How is the original html above interpreted by the browser?

Option A:

Hello World!

Option B:

<script>document.write("Hello World!");</script>Hello World!

Well, the correct answer is B. If you install the Web Developer add-on to Firefox, you’ll be able to see both sources: the original one (that is downloaded from the web server), and the generated one (which is produced by the browser after interpreting the original source).

If you don’t want to install Web Developer, there is another option. In Firefox, you can save a page in two different ways. If you save it as “Web Page, complete”, you’ll get the generated source. If you choose “Web Page, HTML only”, you’ll get the original source. However, if you save the “Hello World!” example as “Web Page, complete” and you open it from your local machine, you’ll see the text “Hello World!” twice! When you open the generated source, the embedded Javascript code will be executed again.

So, if you scrape AJAX pages, don’t be surprised if the resulting HTML source is still full of Javascript codes. But if you use an intelligent method that understands Javascript, then the interpreted result will be in the source too. In the next part we will see how to download webpages with Python and webkit.

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