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How to speed up Firefox


I’ve had some problems recently with Firefox 6: sometimes it freezes for a few seconds, the CPU usage jumps up to 100%, then everything goes back to normal. It gets annoying when it happens in every 10 minutes…


I looked after the problem and found some tips.

Delete cache

The cache can grow quite big, so delete it:


Vacuum SQLite

Firefox stores your browsing data and some other stuff in SQLite databases. These database files must be maintained sometimes to wipe old junks out of them. Go to ~/.mozilla/firefox/XXXXXXXX.default where you will find the .sqlite files (places.sqlite, etc.). Execute the following command:

$ for i in *.sqlite; do echo "VACUUM;" | sqlite3 $i ; done

This operation compacted my places.sqlite from 10.2 MB to 1.8 MB!

This tip is from here.

Update (20110924)

To tell the truth, the methods above didn’t solve the blocking problem on my laptop. So I moved on to Firefox 7 with an empty ~/.mozilla folder. I think something got messed up in my mozilla home folder and the blocking problem was due to that. After all, I’ve been using that folder for years… Sometimes it’s a good idea to start with a tabula rasa.

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