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Setup a PPPoE connection

In some countries PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) is a common protocol for broadband (ADSL or cable) connections to an ISP (internet service provider).

(For instance, in Hungary DIGI is a very popular service provider. Their cable connection uses PPPoE.)

To configure Ubuntu with PPPoE, you have two solutions.

The easy way
Use a router :) In the configuration part of the router you will have to choose “PPPoE”, but once it’s done, you just have to connect your machine to the router.

The harder way
If you connect the cable directly to your machine, you will need to set up a PPPoE connection. Execute the following command:

sudo pppoeconf

This is an interactive configuration tool, just follow the instructions. You will have to provide the username and password that you got from your ISP. At the end it will ask if you want to start your network connection when you switch on your machine. Choose “yes”.

The network connection can be started manually with the command “pon dsl-provider“; you can stop it with “poff“. If you run the command “ifconfig“, you should see the device “ppp0“.

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