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Get the public Dropbox links of several files


When you install Dropbox, you get a Public directory. It has the advantage that if you put a file in it, you can get a public http:// link on it, thus sharing files with your friends is very easy. To get the public link, just navigate to the file in Nautilus, right click on the file, then Dropbox -> Copy Public Link.

However, if you want to share several files, getting their public links via Nautilus can be a PITA. How to get the public links for all the files in the current directory?


I made a simple Python script for this task. It can show the public link of (1) one file, or (2) all files in the current directory.


$ get_public_link share.zip
$ get_public_link -a

If you want to copy the links to the clipboard, combine it with my tocb script:

$ get_public_link share.zip | tocb


The script (together with tocb.py) is available here, in the dropbox/ folder.

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  1. iain.mckeand@gmail.com
    June 1, 2011 at 04:11

    Thanks for the great little script. I am a Kubuntu user and the Public links right mouse click does not work for Dolphin. This script solves the problem beautifully and now I can get the public links without going to the Dropbox website.
    Many thanks

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