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knotify4 is eating up the CPU


Sometimes the process knotify4 eats up the CPU cycles. I don’t know exactly what it is good for and why it is launched when I use Gnome, but it’s there. How to get rid of it?


When I see this process running, I always kill it (killall knotify4). As a more permanent solution, I made it unexecutable:

sudo chmod 644 /usr/bin/knotify4
sudo mv /usr/bin/knotify4 /usr/bin/knotify4.bak   # update, the previous step was not enough

I hope that’s the end of the story :)

Update (20111013)

Just a few minutes ago my CPU was under heavy load again. I checked “top“, and guess who was the guilty one again? Right, knotify4. I had already renamed it to knotify4.bak but something (maybe an update) restored the /usr/bin/knotify4 file :) Damn… Maybe we should write a crontab job that checks once a day if this f* is there.

I found some info about knotify4 here. Apparently, “knotify4 is required for delivering all notifications in KDE, including sound, text to speech, visual, command execution and taskbar flashing…” But why does it want to burn the CPU? No idea…

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  1. michal
    May 10, 2011 at 18:06

    confirm same problem after upgrading to 11.04…i’m using gnome, the only kde app i use is yakuake terminal, not sure if that’s the reason of this behaviour…

    i haven’t have this problem before upgrade, although i have used yakuake before

  2. Will
    May 11, 2011 at 01:38

    Don’t use yakuake in gnome , use guake..

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