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Rotating Gnome backgrounds

You have a bunch of nice wallpaper images that you would like to see on your Desktop. You want Gnome to rotate them in a circular way. Also, specify the duration of an image and the transition between two images.

You need to create an XML file similar to this:

<?xml version='1.0'?>

Here, I rotate three images. One image is shown for 10 seconds and the transition is done smoothly in 5 seconds. After the third image, the first image is shown again, i.e. Gnome will restart processing the file from the beginning.

Usage: You will have to specify this XML file as your background. Right click on the Desktop, Change Desktop Background, Background tab, Add… button. In the bottom right hand corner, switch from Images to All files, then select the XML file. See this screenshot.

Note: Once you set the XML file as your background, you can update it. Gnome will notice the changes and the file will be reloaded. That is, you don’t need to set the file as your background after each modification.


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