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Android 16 was programmed in BASIC

Android #16 (a.k.a. C16) is a robot in the Dragon Ball Z series, created by the evil Dr. Gero. While trying to protect #17 and #18 from Cell, he suffers serious damage. While waiting for the Cell Games, Bulma and her father repair him.

In episode 168, we can see Bulma and her father working on him. Bulma manages to access the source code of the programming of #16. From this episode I could catch a screenshot from the screen of Bulma. Hmm, it seems #16 was programmed in BASIC. Was Dr. Gero, the brilliant scientist,  the Mastermind behind the Red Ribbon Army a BASIC programmer?

Well, he must have used some low-level methods too to operate the hardware of #16. Thus the programming of #16 must also contain (lots of) assembly. But we also know that Dr. Gero created several androids, so it’s very likely that he developed a robot programming framework that he reused for each of his androids.

  1. May 20, 2013 at 00:06

    Very interesting post! ;)

    We’ve just launched a contest where you’ll have to find out all the secrets behind this:
    – with type of Basic language this is
    – for which computer it was probably designed
    – what the code does perform.


    Have fun! :D

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