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Is a given website down or not?


Your favorite website doesn’t want to load. Is the given website down? Or is there a temporary problem with your network provider?


Try the website http://www.downornot.com/. Normally they check your site from three random stations around the world. If 2 or more stations find an error or do not get response within 4 seconds, the site is considered to be “down”.

Tip: on the main page of Down Or Not, there is a cloud with the most popular searches. Check out the cloud to find out what’s hot today…

Other methods
Some alternative methods:

  • ping HOST
  • traceroute HOST

Where HOST is the site you want to check. However, these two methods are not too reliable for checking if a website is up. I just checked a site that was definitely up, but both ping and traceroute failed to reach it.

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  1. March 13, 2011 at 07:24

    Cheers for the info on downornot. May come in handy! Bookmarked.

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