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Cool wallpapers

I will collect here some links with cool wallpapers:

Cool images on reddit (don’t be afraid of the ‘Porn’ titles, it’s not what it seems to be):

  • EarthPorn: Mother Nature in all of her succulent beauty. (great)
  • CityPorn: Oh pedobear, it’s not that kind of CP, silly! (great)
  • SpacePorn: High Res Images of Space, Stargazer’s Delight (great)
  • MachinePorn: Check out the headlights on that porsche. I think my driveshaft just got torqued.
  • Human Porn: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  • AnimalPorn: High quality animal photography will make you shiver and moan (great)
  • BotanicalPorn: Feed me Seymour. Feeeed meeeeeee! (nice)
  • DestructionPorn: Burn Baby Burn!
  • GeekPorn
  • AdPorn: Where’s the beef?
  • *Porn: all the previous together


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