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Archives List Generator for wordpress.com


I wanted to have an “Archives” page that lists the titles of my posts. This way, I could find the post I’m looking for much easier. Unfortunately I didn’t find this functionality on wordpress.com. I was searching for a solution and I found WordPress ListMaker v2. However, the author provides an EXE only and his program requires your username. This is something I would never give out… On the other hand, I use Linux, so I prefer open source solutions.

So I’ve decided to write a Python script that produces an HTML output, similar to WordPress ListMaker v2.


You can see my Archives list here. It was generated with my script.


Visit https://github.com/jabbalaci/Archives-List-Generator. Source code is here.


In a previous post I showed how to get the list of your blog posts. This script is an extended version, it simply produces a formatted HTML output.


Modify the beginning of the script: precise the address of your blog, your username, password, etc. Then just simply execute the script. You can redirect the output to a file, then paste the contents of the file to your wordpress.com blog.

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  1. NV
    July 16, 2011 at 12:29

    Nice! But I cannot find it via the plugin installer of my wp installation? I have to install it manually?

    • July 16, 2011 at 17:48

      This is not a plugin. It’s a Python script that you can run on your local machine. It will contact your WP blog to fetch the list of your posts in order to produce an HTML output. Then copy/paste this output to a page of your blog.

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