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wget examples

Let’s see some use cases with wget.

Download a page with http password authentication.

wget --http-user=name --http-password=password URL

Download a complete site with http password authentication. Make the copy locally browsable, i.e. convert links to point to local pages.

wget --convert-links -r --http-user=name --http-password=password URL

Collect some URLs in a file (one URL per line) and download ’em all:

wget -i file.txt

Download a page and save it under a different name:

wget http://example.com?a=1&b=2&looks_stupid=true -O simple.html

Download gallery files (requires bash, the loop is expanded by bash) [more info here]:

wget http://example.com/Tiffany/beach{01..20}.jpg

Update (20130903)

For more examples, refer to this page.

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