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Verify .sfv files


You have a .sfv file containing file checksums and you want to verify it.


First, install the cksfv package:

sudo apt-get install cksfv

Then, verify the .sfv file:

cksfv -f checksums.sfv

Create a .sfv file

In the current directory you have a bunch of files and you want to create a .sfv file for them:

cksfv * >files.sfv

If you want to include the subdirectories too, refer to the man page (man cksfv).

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  1. May 18, 2011 at 09:54

    Please create a tutorial for integrating cksfv hash creation from context menu of directories

    in /media/mine
    right click ‘awesome video’ directory
    click hash all files
    click hash all media files

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