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When: personal calendar for geeks

I just found When, and I fell in love at first sight :) What is it?

When is an extremely simple personal calendar program, aimed at the Unix geek who wants something minimalistic. It can keep track of things you need to do on particular dates…. Its file format is a simple text file, which you can edit in your favorite editor.


sudo apt-get install when

First steps:
* just run when => it will ask some questions (e.g. which text editor you want to use)
* execute when => it will display your calendar (it’s empty at the moment)
* execute when e => edit mode, add an event (example: “2011 jan 11, just a test” [use the current day, of course])
* launch when again => the previous entry will be shown

More info

When has a very good documentation, so check out “man when”. Under the section “USE”, you’ll find several examples. There is also a linux.com article about When.


The data files of When are stored in the directory ~/.when. Don’t forget to make regular backups. To keep this digital calendar available on all your machines (at home and at your workplace), keep this directory in your Dropbox folder. Thus, ~/.when should be just a symbolic link.

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