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My mplayer settings

To customize mplayer, modify the file ~/.mplayer/config. Every time you launch mplayer, settings are read from this file. Reduce command-line arguments and put them in this file.

Here is my config file:

# Write your default config options here!

# Font

fs = "1"
#subfont-text-scale = "3"
subfont-text-scale = "4"
#subfont-text-scale = "5"
subcp = "iso-8859-2"

# audio output: ALSA
# PulseAudio caused a problem in Jaunty 9.04 beta

# video driver

# Find subtitle files (1: load all subs containing movie name)

# Font encoding

# Subtitle file encoding

# Resample the font alphamap (10: bold black outline)

# Font size (2: proportional to movie width)

# Font blur radius (default: 2)

# font outline thickness (default: 2)

For subtitles I use the Comic font. Download it somewhere and specify its absolute path. Videos start in fullscreen (fs). Previously I had some problems with the accents in Hungarian subtitles but with subcp I managed to solve it. The other settings are mainly for the subtitles.

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