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Replace the audio track in a video

You have a video with an audio track (call it video.mp4). You have an audio file (e.g. audio.mp3) that you want to put on the video, replacing the original audio of the video file.

With Audacity, you can open both video.mp4 and audio.mp3 and you can synchronize the mp3 to match the original audio. Important points: speech/music should start at the same time, and its length should be the same or a little bit less than the original audio.

Once you have a good audio.mp3 file, do the replacement with the following command:

ffmpeg -i audio.mp3 -i video.mp4 -c copy final_video.mp4

Solution #2
Before the previous solution, I used Avidemux, but it tends to crash sometimes :) When I have such videos where Avidemux crashes, I use ffmpeg from the command-line.

Lots of Ruby conference videos

November 13, 2013 Leave a comment
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HTML / CSS / JavaScript video tutorials

November 2, 2013 Leave a comment

Check out for HTML / CSS / JavaScript video tutorials. As I saw they are freely available!


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Software Development Videos and Tutorials: Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, Agile, Software Testing

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RUIN – An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe

March 25, 2012 Leave a comment

RUIN – An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe.


Thanks Jeszy for the link.

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Lord Raiden’s case with the guitar

March 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Meet the musical side of Lord Raiden:

Ewan Dobson – Time 2


Video lectures

March 20, 2011 1 comment

VideoLectures.NET is a free and open access educational video lectures repository. The lectures are given by distinguished scholars and scientists at the most important and prominent events like conferences, summer schools, workshops and science promotional events from many fields of Science. The portal is aimed at promoting science, exchanging ideas and fostering knowledge sharing by providing high quality didactic contents not only to the scientific community but also to the general public. All lectures, accompanying documents, information and links are systematically selected and classified through the editorial process taking into account also users’ comments.

Please check our Frequently asked Questions section and promotional video.” (source)

Some topics:


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